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Saturday, July 30th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on July 30, 2016

Saturday, July 30th, the Moon starts the day in busy Gemini but goes void-of-course at 6:46 AM. The Moon is void most of the day until Luna enters family oriented Cancer at 4:09 PM. We may feel scattered or not as focused today with the Moon void-of-course in Gemini. Juggling is good for today, but keep it realistic.


Moon square Jupiter, 2:06 AM: If you are up late, this is a great aspect to party under!  If you are sleeping, it could be somewhat restless.


Moon sextile Venus, 2:55 AM: If you awake, the morning is a beautiful time. This is good for sleeping.

Moon sextile Uranus, 6:46 AM: We are up early this morning, planning our day. We should be feeling positive and social this morning. This is a great time for an early breakfast meeting!


The Moon at 6:46 AM is now void-of-course in Gemini until 4:09 PM. You may want to plan scheduled activities after this time.


Mercury enters Virgo at 1:19 PM: Mercury, the fact collector, enters its ruling sign Virgo, the fact organizer. We will all be working to get back onto our routines around work, school and health and exercise programs. Mercury will be going retrograde in Virgo on August 23rd. Be sure and get all your new projects started before then. Mercury will be direct on September 30th. Plan ahead!


Moon enters security based Cancer at 4:09 PM and is no longer void-of-course. We all feel much more emotionally in touch!


Moon sextiles Mercury, 4:30 PM: We are doing much better with our schedules and agendas in the later afternoon.  Communications are improved and we all seem to get along better. You will want to be around your friends or familiars!


All times are central.

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