Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, August 4th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on August 4, 2016

Thursday, August 4th, the Moon starts the day void-of-course in Leo, the lover. The Moon, enters Virgo, the ruler of the small intestine, at 2:34 AM and is no long void-of-course.


The Moon enters Virgo, the fixer,  at 2:34 AM.


Moon squares Mars, 3:43 AM: This can interfere with our sleep and make us very restless. If you can’t sleep, you will need some distractions.


Moon conjunct Mercury, 4:44 PM: We are really wanting to think things through with this late afternoon aspect. We are being overly cautious in our communications  and very judgmental about how and what people are saying. This is also a very good time for cautious and careful planning. This mindset will continue through this weekend but is especially strong this afternoon and evening.


Moon squares Saturn, 9:02 PM: When these two planets combine, we need to be clear of our plan and the long term benefits. Without the right information, you can waste your time in speculation and still feel insecure emotionally in the end. Know your limits. No boundaries, no freedom.


Moon opposing Neptune, 11:56 PM: This is a great combination to sleep through considering the pessimistic evening we have been having.  A nice glass of wine might just make the evening perfect. You had better chase your cares away!!! Find a nice spot where you can have some time to yourself.


All times are central.


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