Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Sunday, August 7th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on August 7, 2016

Sunday, August 7th, the Moon spends her day in Libra, the sign that rules architects, make-up artist, and diplomacy, for the entire day.


Moon sextiles Saturn, 7:19 AM: We are making plans for the day as our feet hit the floor. Early morning activities are more successful today.


Mercury opposes Neptune, 11:25 AM: With this transit in effect for the last 3 days,  we are inclined to relax, spend time in the water, take some time for meditation, work in your garden,  or have a bottle of wine and call it a mental health day. We may have a harder time remembering or staying focused on a particular topic when these two planets line up. Emotionally we are both more sensitive and psychic as these two planets connect. Choose your company carefully today.

This energy continues from the aspect of Mercury square Saturn yesterday. With this planetary combination in effect for the last 3 days, life seem to move at an incredibly slow pace. And this combo will continue to be strong through Monday or Tuesday of next week. This can feel like a Mercury retrograde time but it’s not. Our thinking may feel slowed or we may be over thinking things to death and experiencing “analysis paralysis”.  We can use this time for critical thinking, long  term planning, assessing the future value of people and things in our life.

With Mercury connecting with Saturn and Neptune on Sunday, this bring together this 16 month alignment of Saturn and Neptune, beginning in August 2015.  The “Mutable Dilemma” , The Saturn/Neptune alignment  coined by colleague, Kim McSherry, has been responsible for this sluggish period we have been in since the end of March. We all experienced the intensity of this alignment, especially in June and early July. We will definitely feel this same sluggishness in September, very strongly as Saturn and Neptune align for the last time on September 10th. Saturn wants a clear and simple path to solve the problems and Neptune wants a real solution, not a quick fix. Personally, we may feel very indecisive, overwhelmed or even wanting to hid out and avoid anything negative. We want to take action but no course seems clear.

With Mercury bridging a connection between both these planets, Saturn and Neptune on Saturday and Sunday, we may benefit a lot from taking some time to ourselves for rest, meditation and healing. Keep your plans and agendas simple. Avoid the drama.


Moon square Pluto, 6:38 PM: In the early part of the evening we may be rehashing some events from your past. We are just wanting to let it go but we seem to hold on to the emotion. Forgive yourself and move on!


Moon sextile Sun, 7:29 PM: We do finish the evening feeling somewhat more hopeful. This is a better time for most activity on Sunday. Always a good time to be with those you love!


All times are central.


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