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Sunday, November 20th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Sunday, November 20th, the Moon stays in playful Leo all day.


Moon trines Saturn, 2:36 AM: If you are up early this morning, this is a good time to organize the kitchen or to get ready for your activities during the day light hours.


Moon trine Uranus, 11:08 AM: We are feeling upbeat this morning, ready for fun actives with our friends!!! A good time to be out enjoying the day.


All times are central.

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Friday, November 18th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Friday, November 18th, the Moon begins the day in Cancer and eventually goes void-of-course at 4:02 PM and remains void until 9:14 PM when Luna enters Leo and is no longer void-of-course. This is one of the first days of the week we have started without the Moon being void-of-course.


Moon squares Uranus, 6:10 AM: We will be up early this morning. Might as well not fight it. We are looking for ways to keep our agenda very light today. And as you will see, most of us will want the day off too!


Mercury square Neptune, 10:04 AM: When these two planets interact, we are ready to escape from the rigors of daily routines. With this aspect strong from the last couple of days, we have had a harder time remember the names of things, keeping a single idea in our head or just dealing with the distractions. If you could take a day off, this would be the perfect day to do it. Otherwise, keep your routines flexible, avoid people with too much drama or whining, or situations where you are not sure of the people around you. This aspect remains strong for the next couple of days as well. This would be a great time for a retreat, out to the beach or lake, some yoga or meditation or just several really good bottles of wine. Things are moving slowly. Pushing will only make you more frustrated. Go back and start again on Monday!


Moon trines Sun, 4:05 PM: We are definitely going with the flow this afternoon. Continue to keep your calendar flexible.


The Moon is now void-of-course at 4:05 PM until 9:14 PM when she enters Leo and we are all a bit more active.


Keep your plans simple or close to home this evening.


All times are central.

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Thursday, November 17th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Thursday, November 17th, The Moon continues to flow through Cancer, the sign of inner nurturing all day.


Moon opposes Venus, 5:11 AM: We will be lazy this morning. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going.


Moon trines Neptune, 10:05 AM: Our pleasant morning continues. We are still on a path of least resistance. People are open to your ideas especially if they help to create more security in their lives. Take some time to enjoy the moment!


Moon square Jupiter, 6:50 PM: We are ready for some fun conversation and to get away from our routines. This is a wonderful evening to be with that special someone! Business can benefit from this as well but it has to have a lighter tone.


Moon opposes Pluto, 8 39 PM: As we bring the evening to a close, we are engaged in deep conversations and thoughts. We are hoping to understand our motives and those closest to us. This can be a good time to clear up an understanding between two people or a time to redesign the pantry.


All times are central.

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Wednesday, November 16th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Wednesday, November 16th, the Moon starts the day in Gemini, goes void-of-course at 4:57 AM. The Moon remains void for most of the day light hours until she enters Cancer, the sign that generates a sense of family, at 6:57 PM and is no longer void-of-course. This long void-of-course Moon will mean you will have to slow down and enjoy the ride.


We are mentally active and getting a lot of our daily chores done.


Even after the Moon is no longer void-of-course, we have no lunar aspects. That means that we are not as connected to an external sense of agenda and more to an inner one.


Keep you plans closer to home for Wednesday evening.


All times are central.

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Tuesday, November 15th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Tuesday, November 15th, the Moon transits through versatile Gemini all day. We are all better at multitasking today!


Moon opposes Mercury, 1:54 AM: This is a very good aspect for writing, organizing, taking care of daily task, but may not be so good this early morning when we are wanting to sleep. Find something to distract you.


Moon trine Mars, 2:25 AM: If you are awake, you are alert and interested in finding something to entertain yourself. This may also make our sleep less restful.


Moon square Neptune, 9:53 AM: We are feeling emotionally and psychically connected this morning. We can easily pick up on the negative energy people are feeling. Even if you are at work, find some time to look inward and be supportive of you. We are getting a slow start but things pick through the day. Try not to hang on to drama this morning.


Mercury sextiles Mars, 11:23 AM: With these two planes interaction for the last couple of days, our communication skills are better, we can say what we mean and stick by it, and we are turning our thoughts into action. This is a good period to start something new, teach a class or work shop or considering investing in metals or currencies. We are all working more effectively with this aspect remaining strong for the next couple of days.


Moon trine Jupiter, 5:35 PM: We are all feeling better by the later part of the afternoon. Slow down and enjoy where you are and what you are doing. We are all just friendlier during this time!


Moon opposes Saturn, 8:34 PM: As we close our day, this is best experienced in a warm, safe and cozy place. This is a time where we will want to plan for the future. Don’t let your fear take over and paralyze you. Be real about what you can do and do that! We are especially emotionally sensitive. Choose your company carefully this evening.


All times are central.

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Monday, November 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Monday, November 14th, the Moon starts the day in Taurus, goes void-of-course at 7:52 AM. The Moon eventually enters Gemini and is no longer void-of-course at 7:23 PM. This is an especially long void period to be occurring during the day light hours. Plan your more important events after 7:23 PM.


Moon opposes Sun, 7:52 AM: We are expressing some of our deepest emotional secrets with this Full Moon. This can be a good time to have a genuine conversation with those closest to you. We are examining those that we have the greatest trust in and want to continue and deepen that very trust and intimacy.


The Moon at 7:52 AM is now void-of-course in earthy Taurus until 7:23 PM when the Moon enters Gemini, the sign that can say two different things and mean both of them.  We are a bit more grounded in the evening but we are still keeping our course open for the evening.


All times are central.

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Sunday, November 13th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Sunday, November 13th, the Moon spends the day in Taurus, the sign that rules sensations.


Moon square Mars, 1:06 AM: This can intensify our emotional expression. It may be easier for you to take things too personally. This may also make it harder to get to sleep tonight.


Moon sextiles Neptune, 10:58 AM: This energy is best suited for mediation and reflection. We are more sensitive at this time, so choose your company carefully. This is also a creative time as well. You may want to write, paint or do some crafting. If you are working, you will still need some time to yourself.


Moon trine Pluto, 8:45 PM: We are looking for familiar and comfortable places to stay this evening. We are wanting to be around people we trust so we can be open about how feel. You will avoid people that make you feel guarded. It’s always easier to be real when these two planets meet.


All times are central.

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Saturday, November 12th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Saturday, November 12th, the Moon begins the day in independent Aries, goes void-of-course at 6:45 AM and remains void until 8:24 PM when Luna enters Taurus and is no longer void of course. With such a long void Moon, we are more likely to be led by our emotions.


Moon conjunct Uranus, 6:45 AM: Our energy level is strong early this morning. We may not sleep as well as we usually do when these two planets combine.


The Moon goes void-of-course in Aries at 6:45 AM and will remain void for most of the day until 8:24 PM. Pace yourself and enjoy what you are doing.


Mercury, the teacher and the communicator, enters Sagittarius at 8:40 AM for the next 20 days or so. We will want to understand the bigger picture and how we fit into it. This can be a good time to take a class, work on your blog or considering relocation. People will want to speak their version of the “truth” with Mercury traveling through Sagittarius.


The Moon enters Taurus at 8:24 PM; is no longer void-of-course as we are feeling more realistic in our approach to things.


Moon trines Venus, 10:14 PM: This is one of the nicest combinations of planets! A great night for being with someone special, watching movies and enjoying junk food. Always a good time to be with friends as well!


All times are central.

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Friday, November 11th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Friday, November 11th, Veterans Day!  The Moon is in Aries, the warrior, all day. Most of the lunar aspects occur in the later part of the day. You will be most productive during the late afternoon and evening.


Moon opposes Jupiter, 5:45 PM: We are doing well this late afternoon. We are working with relationship energies and trying to find a balance between what we want and what others expect from us. This is a good time for any type of negotiations. Taking a more casual approach with people will help.


Moon square Pluto, 9:09 PM: We are a bit edgy this evening. We are not getting along with people close to us as easily. Be honest if you have to share but don’t get lost in the details of the emotions. We will be asleep before you finish the story.


Moon trine Saturn, 9:20 PM: We are still in a serious mood this evening but we are coming to terms with the end of the day. This is a good time to work on a late-night project or to prepare yourself for tomorrow.


Venus enters Capricorn at 10:55 PM: Venus, our planet of love and money, enters Capricorn, the sign of the business person. Venus will be in Capricorn for the next 25 days or so. Our decisions about relationship will be based on how much security they represent to us. This will be true for both personal and romantic relationships. This is a good for long term commitments because we are seeing without the rose-colored glasses. In all our actions and commitment, we will want a return on our investments. We may be more direct with people as we don’t want to waste our time with something that is not going somewhere. This is a great time to nurture your business relationships.


All times are central.

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Thursday, November 10th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Thursday, November 10th, the Moon starts the day in watery Pisces, goes void-of-course at 5:16 PM but soon enters active, fiery Aries at 7:45 PM and the Moon is no long void-of-course.


Moon trine Mercury, 4:17 PM: We are communicating easily with people, almost psychically. We are still all in a rather sensitive mood until later this evening. Stick to your routines, that will make you feel more grounded.


Moon square Venus, 5:16 PM: We are more self-indulgent this late afternoon. This is a great time to get off early for a cup of coffee and a piece of pie, perhaps a glass of wine or some time connecting with Nature. If you are working, you may need some time to yourself.


The Moon, at 5:16 PM, is now void-of-course in Pisces until 7:45 PM when Luna enters, self-reliant Aries and is no longer void.


Moon sextiles Mars, 10:06 PM: We are more energized through the later part of the evening. A good time for a late-night dinner with someone special or doing some online gaming with your friends.


All times are central.

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