Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, November 7th, Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on December 7, 2016

Wednesday, November 7th, the Moon begins the day in loving Pisces but soon goes void-of-course at 8:05 AM and remains void for the rest of the day. With the Moon void, this is the day to follow your intuition!


Moon square Sun, 3:03 AM: If you are up at this time, you could be restless and having some difficulty sleeping.


Moon sextile Pluto, 3:50 AM: This is a great aspect for uncovering hidden aspects in your unconscious. You may process this in your dreams.


Moon square Saturn, 8:05 AM: We might be putting too much pressure on ourselves this morning. Don’t’ overthink things or worry too much about issues this morning. We tend to be pessimistic when these two planets meet. Get a plan and stick to it.


The Moon is now void-of-course in Pisces at 8:05 AM until Thursday morning at 4:16 AM when Luna enters Aries the warrior.


Venus enters Aquarius, the sign of the intellect, for the next 26 day. Love and friendship mix when Venus travels through Aquarius. This can also be great energies for getting involved in social groups or community organizations.


All times are central.


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