Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, June 13th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on June 13, 2017

Tuesday, June 13th, the Moon sails through the air sign Aquarius, the water bearer, all day.


Moon square Venus, 9:06 AM: We are wanting to take our time this morning and smell the roses or the coffee along the way! Let a smile be your umbrella!


Mercury trine Jupiter, 10:45 AM: With this aspect, we are able to be clear about our intent. We have the ability to think globally and act locally. With this aspect strong over the last couple of days and lasting till the end of the week, we should be better at planning, working on your novel, signing up for classes and making vacation plans. This does help us to feel more positive about the future especially associated with truth and justice, since this is Jupiter’s milieu! Because ideas come so freely, we can over schedule ourselves with this aspect. This aspect favors dealing with publishing companies, media sites, and foreign investors.


Moon trine Jupiter, 8:52 PM: Our emotional energies are looking for peaceful places and relaxing couches to lay in! This is a good time for a foreign film festival!


Mercury square Neptune, 10:29 PM: This aspect dovetails the earlier one of Mercury trines Jupiter.  This aspect for individual expression is best experienced by taking a “mental health day”. We can feel overwhelmed by the drama of the conversation of the daily politics. Many of us want to hide out and just say “can’t we just get along”! Many of us are not sure what is “Fake News” and what is “Real News”? This aspect only tends to add to the existing cloudy murkiness of who is in charge of our government. Too many facts can cloud your own day to day issues. Keep your schedule simple over the next couple days and you will be fine. This may feel like a Mercury retrograde time but it’s not. This aspect remains strong for the next 3 days.


Moon trine Mercury, 10:56 PM: With the strong energy of Neptune around, this can be a great time for mediation, yoga, tai chi, glass of wine, or just a good night’s sleep.


All times are central.


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