Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, June 19th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on June 19, 2017

Monday, June 19th, the Moon begins the day in quick minded Aries. Luna does go void-of-course at 2:42 PM until 4:53 PM when she enters Taurus and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon trines Saturn, 7:07 AM: We are in touch with the flow this morning aligning with our agenda and paying attention.


Moon sextiles Mercury, 10:20 AM: This aspect favors any type of communications from marketing to sharing coffee with your friends. Our thoughts and ideas are more organized.


Moon conjunct Uranus, 1:05 PM: We are needing some open spaces with this aspect. We won’t respond well to limits or restrictions. On the positive side, this is very useful for brain storming or opening up to your more intuitive nature. Make sure you are doing what you like during this time.


Moon sextiles Sun, 2:42 PM: This lunar aspect just helps out all the way around especially in our ability to communicate with all types of people. This aspect favors sales, relationship building, and community planning.


The Moon at 2:42 PM is now void-of-course in Aries until 4:53 PM when Luna enters persistent and determined Taurus and is no longer void.

After the Moon enters Taurus, we don’t have any more lunar aspects for the day. However, we remain active and moving forward through the evening. We have some positive energies motivating us early in the morning on Tuesday.


All times are central.


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