Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, July 5th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on July 5, 2017

Wednesday, July 5th, the Moon begins the day void-of-course in Scorpio but quickly enters Sagittarius, my way or the highway, at 12:08 AM and is no longer void.


Moon opposes Venus, 12:38 AM: If you are awake, this is a romantic time to share a snack with that someone special!


Mercury, the ruler of habits and the lungs, enters Leo, the sign of the child, at 8:20 PM for the next 20 days. When we speak, we will want to speak with authority and be recognized for the power of our words. It will much easier to talk about yourself, your needs, and your feelings. Then you will be interested in what others have to say about you!


Jupiter quincunx Neptune, 10:28 AM: This planetary combination has been affecting us since the end of May and will continue through mid-September. Jupiter activates our ideals about truth, justice, prejudices, social mores, and xenophobia. Neptune helps us to exposure the truth of liars and illusions. For us in the bigger picture, this is where the ideas of “Fake News” are fostered. We are being exposed to the actual interworking’s of governments around the world, including our own. In the past, a good face was put on our government to give us the sense that people were acting like real Americans. But as we can see, our illusions are being dashed against the rocks. We have a hard time finding the truth even with ourselves if we are really honest. All the ideals about what relationships are and mean are being questioned, especially the international ones. For some of us, we follow Neptune and bury our head in the sand. For others, we follow the path of the truth of our legal system attempting to get at the real problems and hoping that our leaders can step up to the job at hand, holding on to hope and optimism. For others, we take up the flag of injustice and outrage. We are disappointed in our heroes and aghast at our nemesis! We should find a better version of the truth as we get through September. This aspect is very strong today with the Sun making contact with both points. Some of us will be good with avoidance, denial, and sticking our fingers in our ears and going “La, La, La” when the truth gets near. Others will want to make some sense of it, even when there is none.


Sun trine Neptune, 7:47 PM: With this aspect and the following aspect strong for the last 4 days and continuing to be strong for the next 4, Some will want to escape into the celebration of the holidays. Some will want to mediate, get out to the beach or the pool, or just be away from people who need something from us. This can be a great time for being involved in creative functions. Make sure you find some time for yourself during this upcoming week.


Sun square Jupiter, 9:44 PM: This planetary combination pushes us to create relationships, find common ground with people, step away from negative beliefs and routines, and to go big or go home! Watch your schedule as it will be easier to over load your agenda over the next week. In order to make your relationships work better, find areas of agreement rather than areas of philosophical disagreement. We may want to renew or redo our commitment to relationships, even within corporate structures and international relationships. This combo can also helps in keeping our energies nice and strong and possibly interfering with our sleep patterns. There is just a lot of energy around and we are much more likely to be restless or unsettled rather than calm and centered. Find your own center!



All times are central.


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