Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Friday, August 4th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on August 4, 2017

Friday, August 4th, the Moon works her way through Capricorn, the fact checker, all day.


Moon opposes Venus, 4:22 AM: This can certainly help us to have visions of sugar plums in our dreams!


Moon trine Mercury, 1:22 PM: We are clear in our communications this afternoon. We can see life more practically with this aspect. This is a good time for marketing, presentations, or selling real estate.


Jupiter squares Pluto, 1:29 PM: This is the 3rd and final pass of this tense relationship between these two planets. We have been under their influence since the end of last year. This combination won’t let us ignore the veracity of situations and the need to find the underlying cause of things. It’s being played out on the world stage as the relationships between countries are being tested, altered, and rewritten. We can’t trust the truth. We have seen the exposure of prejudice that was there just below the surface! The experience also mirrors some of the fearful, insecure, and desperate facets of our own lives. On a personal level, we don’t have the same hope and optimism about our future. We want to move forward but we are not sure where we are going. This long-term aspect remains strong through early September. We will all find decision making easier after September 9th when Mercury is direct.  Find your own version of the truth and don’t be afraid to let go of some of your demons!


Moon sextile Neptune, 10:58 PM: We are looking for a peaceful place this evening. Keep your plans simple this evening.


All times are central.


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