Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, March 1st Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on March 1, 2018

Thursday, March 1st, the Moon travels through Virgo, the sign of purity, all day.


Venus trine Jupiter, 5:22 AM: This is probably one of the best planetary aspect we can have. Venus represents what we value while Jupiter represents farsightedness, growth, and expansion.  We have more faith in ourselves and in our decisions. This aspect favors relationships, negotiations of any kind, international business, and legal and social justice. On a personal level, people are easier to get along with. We find it easier to see the other’s persons point of view. This helps renew existing relationships and opens up possibilities for people looking for that special someone. It’s a good time to travel. expand your knowledge on a favorite topic, get away for a spiritual retreat. This aspect has been in effect for the last 5 days and will continue for the next 5. Don’t waste this positive aspect.


Moon trine Saturn, 12:10 PM: Our afternoon should go smoothly. A good time to get task and agendas fulfilled. We will want to perform well with this aspect.


Moon opposes Sun, 6:51 PM: The Full Moon in Virgo this evening assists us to see more clearly some through some of the confusion that has been going on with us emotionally. We are especially emotionally sensitive with this Full Moon. Choose your company and your environment carefully. You will want a peaceful place to reflect. We are trying to process the information that we are being made aware of. This can be a great evening for yoga, a movie, a drive to the beach, or a glass of wine on the veranda.


Moon opposes Neptune, 10:59 PM: Our psychic sensitivity is turned up the maximum this evening. A great time for sleeping, meditation, or seances. Our spirit guides are easily available this evening.


All times are central.

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