Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, April 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on April 14, 2018

Saturday, April 14th, the Moon travels through Aries all day.


Jupiter sextile Pluto, 5:28 AM: Justice and power combine with this aspect that has been influencing us for the last 2 weeks and will continue to influence us for the next 2 weeks. When outer planets connect, we see world wide response. In a political justification, this is about using force in a “moral” response. We seek higher principles, strong social mores, and look for others to participate in our plans. On a personal level, we are looking at our own actions, reactions, and the responsibility of those choices. On a simple level, we are looking to improve our resources by making better use of what we have. This aspect favors long term planning, reviewing financial investments, long term business relationships both domestic and international. This aspect also helps to bring hidden information to the surface and to add some assurances to our choices. This aspect will also add power to the ongoing investigation of our elections, money laundering, and hidden sexual affairs. Simply put, this aspect helps us to keep our eyes open and on our toes!


Moon conjunct Mercury, 7:12 AM: We are mentally active this morning. A great morning to finish up ongoing projects, or just to help get your day more organized. We are especially reflective about the past with this lunar aspect.


Mars sextile Neptune, 12:28 PM: This strong combination of planets is stirring our emotions; action and protection combine with compassion. This is the sign of the spiritual warrior. Strangely enough, in Astrologeze, Mars is war and Neptune rules poison gases. This aspect has been affecting us for the last 10 days as well and will continue to be strong for the next 10 days. On a more personal level, we are looking for our actions to make a difference. We are looking for ways to compromise and find common ground even when the situations around us are not very peaceful. This can heighten our fear about the unknown as we consider all unknown possibilities. This is a good period to get out and walk, go to the gym, connect with people of like-mindedness, do some yoga or tai chi. We can also be more creative with this aspect. We have been looking for something to put our “selves” into to bring a greater level of satisfaction into our lives. This aspect helps us to take action and not feel so helpless.


Moon square Saturn, 3:01 PM: With this aspect it’s easy to see the gloom and doom and then to allow our tendency to wallow in that despair. Avoid this by taking action on your situation that benefits you first. If it’s not working, don’t complain. Fix it! And my usual Saturn advice, don’t over think things.


Mercury is stationary direct on Sunday morning. However, Mercury will still be moving very slowly until April 20th. This weekend the effects of Mercury retrograde are very strong! After the 20th, Mercury retrograde is over.


All times are central.

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