Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, June 7th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on June 7, 2018

Thursday, June 7th, the Moon travels through Pisces, compassionate water sign, goes void-of-course at 1:35 AM and remains void until 4:26 PM when Luna enters Aries, the sign of action, and is no long void-of-course.

With the Moon void most of the day in Pisces, we are all a bit over sensitive and may need more quiet time in our day.


Sun square Neptune, 12:59 AM: This aspect has been affecting us for the last 5 days and will continue to influence us for the next 5 days. We are looking for deeper meaning in our lives. Our perspective and sense of reality has been challenged. Our hopes and expectations are not appreciated or honored by those we put our trust into. We want to have hope that people will “get it”! And yet, we continue to find that piece missing. Clearly this aspect helps to generates cognitive dissonance. On a personal level, we question what we can believe when we deal with other people. Is anyone safe? Is anything sacred? Our psychic senses are turned up to maximum with this aspect. We can reach our limits very quickly and we will not have the same tolerance for others. It will be important to find time to meditative, do tai chi, or just get away from the rat race. It may also be a good time to cut back on electronic usage, especially in the evening. Keep your schedule light for the next couple days. Take naps if you get the chance!


Moon trine Venus, 1:35 AM: A wonderful aspect to help us with sweet dreams! If you are awake, this is a perfect time for a snack!


The Moon at 1:35 AM in Pisces is now void-of-course until 4:26 PM when Luna enters Aries, the activator, and is no longer void-of-course.  The later part of the afternoon and evening are better for all planned activities. Keep your schedule flexible during the day light hours. Friday is a better day to get things accomplished.


All times are central.

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