Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Sunday, September 9th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on September 9, 2018

Sunday, September 9th, the Moon travels through Virgo, the sign that rules the study of origins, all day.


Venus enters Scorpio, 4:26 AM: As Venus, our planet of desire and commitment, enters Scorpio; we are beginning to re-examine our relationships and commitments. We will want and need more reassurance and intimacy in all our relationships. We can be very possessive and jealous with Venus in Scorpio if we feel threatened or abandoned. Ask questions and don’t make assumptions. Venus is good at ferreting out the truth but her initial expectations can be wrong. Find out the truth before you go off the rails. This will be even stronger as Venus will go retrograde on September 23rd through December 9th. With Venus retrograde, it is a very good time to re-examine finances and investment, reestablish familiar and similar goals in personal and business relationships, get back in touch with old flames from the past, and to reconnect with friends and ideas from the past. Venus retrograde is not good for starting new relationships, committing to a new project at work, or a make over for you or your home.

And on a side note, Mercury will be going retrograde November 11th through December 12th. Plan ahead for your holiday parties and gatherings.


Moon opposes Neptune, 9:49 AM: We are taking it slow this morning. A great morning for yoga, meditation, or an extended stay in the bed! We are looking for our spiritual center this morning.


Moon conjuncts Sun, 1:01 PM: The New Moon in Virgo signals us to pay more attention to our health, work routines, relationships with co-workers, and to generally get back on track. We are likely to lay low this morning until after the New Moon this afternoon.


Moon sextile Jupiter, 3:23 PM: We are feeling more social this afternoon. This can be a great afternoon to be at the beach, playing games with your friends, or considering better ways to use your time and personal resources.


Moon trine Pluto, 4:03 PM: If you are working, this helps to make the afternoon go more smoothly. This is also a great time for research, visiting with your grandparents, or just cleaning up around the old home place!


All times are central.

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