Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, September 11th, Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11th, the Moon travels through Libra, goes void-of-course at 5:57 PM and remains void until 1:15 PM on Wednesday.


Sun sextile Jupiter, 7:10 AM: Sun trine Pluto, 10:27 AM:

With the Sun involved in two aspects, we have all been more alert, a bit edgier, and feeling the pressure. This is a time of learning about yourself and what makes your go. We are encouraged to explore our more unconscious or shady motives, so we can see how that influencing our choices every day. We can feel overwhelmed emotionally trying to get all the puzzle pieces together. Take time to prioritize what you want to accomplish before you rush into action. Often these kinds of planetary aspects, often stimulate global connections or procedures that also tie us in to work events. This aspect has been influencing us for the last 10 days and will probably be strong for the next 15 days. We are in a very busy time with the planets interacting frequently over the next week. It would be very good to find some time to meditate and to step away from some of the demands you are placing on your time. Focus on having reasonable expectations and being more flexible.

Tomorrow, Jupiter and Pluto sextile each other at 2:37 AM. This will only add more strength to this already strong aspect. These are aspects that help reveal the truth about the people around us.



Moon square Pluto, 5:57 PM: We are ready for a break this late afternoon, early evening. Social expectations can feel demanding. Your emotions will feel on edge as you are likely to take everything personally. A glass of wine, yoga, or just staring into space can help!


The Moon at 5: 57 PM is now void-of-course until Wednesday afternoon. Keep your schedule flexible on Wednesday.


All times are central.

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