Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, October 24th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on October 24, 2018

Wednesday, October 24th, the Moon begins the day void in Aries until 9:33 AM when Luna enters Taurus and is no longer void-of-course. There is a lot of planetary as well as lunar aspects through the end of the week. This should keep the week extra busy. We are also coming up on the Venus retrograde midpoint on Friday. We will start considering making some decisions at that time.


Venus sextile Saturn, 7:52 AM: With Venus, our planet of commitment and personal values retrograde, we are all rethinking our decisions and commitments. With Venus’s contact to Saturn, our personal manager, we have more of a focused effort with this process. We are re-evaluating how we use our time and what we expect from our personal investment. We will want to see real progress and not just talk. The projects, relationships, and investments that are not working out, we will withdraw from and move on to more potentially fruitful fields. Venus helps to give Saturn some compassion while Saturn helps Venus to realize her potential.


The Moon at 9:33 AM enters Taurus, the sign that rules farming, landscaping, and mining. This is a great Moon sign for working in your garden!


Moon conjunct Uranus, 10:31 AM: Radicalism is in the air! We don’t want to be restricted in our personal expressions of freedom. This aspect can make some people incredible fearful of diversity while others will want to express that diversity. You’re your agenda flexible and your exit strategy handy.


Moon opposes Sun, 11:45 AM: This is the Full Moon in Taurus. Normally, this would be a time of creating some stability and making better use of your personal resources. However, this Full Moon is also connected to Uranus, the rebel, the humanitarian, the zealot, and the radical. We could be seeing clear examples of this around us. We may all feel very unsettled and even unsafe was this Full Moon brings to light the undercurrent that we are all feeling. This gives us the chance to deal with this openly and express the deeper concern that has been boiling below the surface. We may find is hard to focus or to keep on our agenda. Take some time to get away from your routines and spend some time with friends to help you get a better perspective on your life.


Moon opposes Venus, 4:59 PM: We are focused on our personal resources with this aspect. This is a good time to review your investments or to take care of financial matters, particularly the ones you have been putting off.


Moon trine Saturn, 5:27 PM: We are feeling a bit more in control this late afternoon. We are focused on the things in our lives that create safety, comfort, and stability. We are real in our conversations but not without hope.


All times are central.

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