Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, January 23rd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on January 23, 2019

Wednesday, January 23rd, the Moon travels through Virgo, the organizer, all day.


Mercury square Uranus, 5:13 AM: We are breaking our routines and rhythms with this aspect. We may feel off kilter, clumsy, or scatter brained. With this aspect in play for the last 3 days and continuing for the next 3, we will need to slow down and pay closer attention to what we are doing. On the more positive side of this aspect, we are better at finding unique solutions to problems, more open to say what we really think, and to be a more authentic human being that lives in the present. We are edgy, more reactive, and ready to share our views on whatever the topic is! It’s also important to eat heathy and keep your body running smoothly as possible. Junk food will not digest as well with this aspect. Focus on the things you want to do and avoid commitments that make your feel trapped. Keep your exit strategy handy!


Moon trine Saturn, 7:56 PM: If you need to get some errands done, this is a great time for it. We are planning our day for tomorrow!


Moon opposes Neptune, 8:56 PM: Our psychic senses are very strong this evening.  This can be a good time for meditation, past life regression, or just finding some quiet time for yourself. Your inner artist is awake this evening.


Moon square Jupiter, 11:42 PM: We are continuing our laid-back evening, chatting with friends, exploring all the options the universe provides. A great time for mind expansion games!


Mercury enters Aquarius, 11:50 PM: Our communicator, organizer, list maker, problem solver, and detailer is entering Aquarius. Aquarius is a very mentally active sign. We are drawn more to intellectual pursuits and logical solutions to existing problems. This is a good time to get involved in community project to improve your immediate surroundings. This should help any social media project or market business. Team building, group activities, and making new friends are all activated with Mercury moving through Aquarius for the next 16 days! Mercury will have her strongest impact on the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


All times are central.

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