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Tuesday, February 19th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, February 19th, the Moon travels through Leo as the day beings. Luna goes void-of-course at 7:51 AM but soon enters Virgo at 8:47 AM and is no longer void-of-course.


Mercury conjunct Neptune, 12:37 AM/Mercury sextile Saturn, 8:39 PM: We are experiencing a combination of planets with these two aspects. We have been under the Saturn/Neptune sextile since the beginning of the year. Saturn/Neptune are trying to find middle ground between practicality and compassion. Morality and judgement is very strong with this aspect. This aspect pushes us to do the right thing, even if that is confronting immorality and dictatorial actions taken by others. We are all looking for our personal boundaries when it comes to scruples! With Mercury, the communicator activating both of these on the same day, we are following the dots, looking for practical solutions, and seeing what our investigation uncovers. This can be a great time for therapy, financial planning, publishing your writings, event planning, and just getting clear about what is important to you. This aspect has been affecting us for the last 4 days and will continue to influence us for the next 4 days. Some of us will want to rest and relax and keep our environment peaceful avoiding drama as much as possible. Others will look deeper into themselves to connect to their inner spiritual paths. This aspect helps us to see around the box so we can have alternative paths and options. We will be able to approach life and its entanglements with a greater sense of personal faith and confidence with this aspect.


Moon trine Uranus, 7:51 AM: A great morning for coffee with friends, early brain storming sessions, or connecting with your community.


The Moon at 7:51 AM is now void-of-course in Leo until 8:47 AM when Luna enters Virgo, the virtuous, and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon opposes Sun, 9:54 AM: This is the Full Moon in Virgo! With the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, we integrate heath and spirit.  We are paying closer attention to details, improving efficiency, and getting a greater sense of satisfaction from our work. This is a great time to start a new health regime or exercise program. We may feel more inclined to clean up and organize our lives with this aspect. We are more attuned with our environment and can more easily go with the flow. Some will need some time alone because, this aspect turns up the psychic senses as well. We will all gain our footing in the later part of the morning!


Moon trines Mars, 2:31 PM: We are feeling positive and upbeat this afternoon. This is a great time to be taking care of projects you have been putting off!




All times are central.

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Monday, February 18th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Monday, February 18th, the Moon travels through Leo, the sign of the child, all day! This is a busy week with lots of planetary aspects that should keep us productive and busy!


Sun sextiles Uranus, 1:54 AM: This is a positive aspect that helps with problem solving, thinking outside the box, working with groups and business organizations, meeting new potential friends, and finding ways to keep yourself entertained intellectually. It’s easier to work with people from all parts of life as we are more open minded. With this aspect strong for the last 5 days and continuing for the next 5 days, we should be able to develop new proposals for businesses, market yourself and your products through social media, and to make sure that you are enjoying the work you are doing. This aspect helps to expand our sense of social consciousness and makes us more aware of social injustice. We are more detached with this aspect and can stand back and see the overall picture more clearly.


Venus conjunct Saturn, 4:52 AM: This aspect makes us aware of the limitations on our resources. We are looking for long term value on anything that we spend our money on! This is a good aspect for developing a budget, paying off debt, and learning about your own self-worth. With this aspect strong for the last 5 days and continuing for the next 5, we are cautious with expressing our feelings and desires. We will want to test the reliability of those we feel unsure about. In relationships, both business and personal, we are looking for ways to solidify our long-term goals and work together better as a team. However, you will have little time or patience for those that can’t live up to their promises. This aspect does make us all a bit sad or melancholy as we tend to look for what’s not working rather than how good we have it! Any aspect with Saturn can drive us to overthink, over-analyze, and make us doubt our convictions. Keep your long-terms goals as your focus and you will know the right choices to make. This is also a good time for remodeling your home, firming up plans for a wedding, or enjoying the small victories that give us a sense of daily satisfaction. We are much more judgmental of ourselves and others with this aspect. We expect the best from ourselves and others! If you aren’t sure about a decision, don’t let others push you into something you know isn’t right! Delays are common with this aspect. Keep your schedule and your mind flexible so you can adapt to what you learn with this aspect.


Sun enters Pisces, 5:04 PM: The Sun, our light, enters the sign of compassion, empathy, healers, artist, religious folk, addictions, and fantasy, for the next 30 days. We are all more psychically sensitive and may need more time to ourselves or more peaceful environments. We have greater compassion for those that struggle and will want to help as we can. For some, this is a time to retreat and replenish your emotional resources. The harshness of our current times will have a much strong impact that it has. Some will retreat to a quieter space while others will take up the gauntlet and move to help people who are being victimized. For everyone, pace yourself with the Sun in Pisces. Our hearts are bigger than usual, but we will need some rest and retreat to see our dreams come true!


Moon trine Jupiter, 6:00 PM:  This should make for a pleasant evening. This is a great evening to order in for dinner, watch your favorite binge series, and enjoy some conversations with those you love the most! It is also a good time for writing and personal promotion as it makes all that easier to accomplish. Don’t forget dessert this evening!


All times are central.

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Sunday, February 17th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Sunday, February 17th, the Moon begins the day in Cancer, goes void-of-course at 8:17 AM but Luna soon enters Leo at 9:21 AM and is no longer void-of-course.


Venus sextiles Neptune, 2:45 AM: We are satisfying our desires through music, art, fantasy, enjoying spirits, and trying to find a kinder and gentler path to walk with this aspect. Compromise and harmony come easier in all aspects of negotiations, relationships, and through an expanded and commonly shared points of view. This aspect has been influencing us for the last 4 day and will continue for the next 4 days. This aspect should make all relationships function more smoothly. This is a good time for spiritual gatherings, a walk in the woods, or just sitting on your patio enjoying a margarita! We are ignoring the small stuff.


Moon square Uranus, 8:17 AM: We are up early this morning trying to keep ourselves busy however we are avoiding demanding people and restrictive environments. Your family may be more needy than usual!


The Moon at 8:17 AM is now void-of-course until 9:21 AM when Luna enters Leo, the sign that rules love and the heart, and is no longer void.


Moon square Mars, 12:57 PM: We may feel challenged emotionally with this aspect. Find a good outlet for this energy and try not to take life so personally, even though it is personal. This could be a good time for sports, online gaming. or working in your garden. Find some positive ways for this energy to work for you.


All times are central.

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Saturday, February 16th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Saturday, February 16th, the Moon continues her journey through Cancer, the sign of the Mother, all day.


Moon trines Mercury, 1:39 AM: If you are awake, you will need some mental stimulation!


Moon opposes Venus, 8:23 AM: A good morning for weekend planning, working on your finances, or furniture shopping. People are generally more receptive.


Moon trine Neptune, 9:49 AM: This aspect helps us to be more in touch with the flow. Our intuition is much stronger. We are more creative as well with this aspect. A great time to be with family and friends.


Moon opposes Saturn, 11:40 AM: We are focused on the task at hand with this aspect. We are ready to face reality in all of its starkness. We are exploring ways to create greater security in our lives.


Moon opposes Pluto, 8:39 PM: We are in a reflective mood this evening. This aspect is good for therapy, cleaning out the pantry, and breaking through emotional barriers with your partner to generate more intimacy. Family demands can be strong with this aspect. Pay attention to your boundaries!


All times are central.


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Friday, February 15th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Friday, February 15th, the Moon begins the day in Gemini, goes void-of-course at 6:48 AM but soon Luna enters Cancer at 8:03 AM and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon trine Sun, 1:49 AM: A pleasant aspect for sleeping. This can stimulate peaceful dreams!


Moon sextile Uranus, 6:48 AM: We are active, sharp, and ready to respond to our environment. A good morning for early meetings, event planning, and just being with your friends.


The Moon at 6:48 AM is now void-of-course in Gemini but soon enters Cancer, the sign of emotional security, at 8:03 AM and Luna is no longer void-of-course.


Moon sextiles Mars, 9:24 AM: We are more confident with this aspect because we trust our own instincts more! This aspect is good for self-promotion, advertising, and improving home security. We have no other aspects for the rest of the day, but we remain active. Saturday is a busy day!


All times are central.

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Thursday, February 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Thursday, February 14th, Happy Valentine’s Day!  The Moon travels through Gemini, the sign quick on its feet, all day!


Mars enters Taurus, 4:51 AM: Mars, planet of action, self-protection, initiation, anger, and immediate response enters Taurus, an earthy practical sign, that takes time to process information before acting on it. Mars will be in Taurus for the next 44 days or until March 31st when Mars enters Gemini! Mars will be having the strongest impact on the fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. With Mars strong, this is a great time to start new projects, confront problems, start a workout program, or just to make sure that you put yourself first. Watch your impulse spending during this passage. Finances in general will be more in the news over the next month and a half. Patience will be in short supply for the fixed signs. You will share your views with everyone even if they don’t want to hear it! Mars always does better when he has some sort of physical activity to channel his energy through. This can be a good time to work in your garden, spend more time with nature, and working with metal, jewelry, or wood. We are more focused on our creature comforts with Mars and satisfying our physical desires. With Mars in Taurus; devise a plan of action and follow that through to the end!


Moon square Neptune, 6:56 AM: We are moving slowly this morning. Enjoy that extra cup of coffee or box of chocolates! This is a good time for meditation!


Moon opposes Jupiter, 2:56 PM: Our mood has picked up this afternoon. This is more the energy we prefer on Valentine’s day! A good time to deal with clients, to get out of town with your sweetie for Valentine’s day, or to consider working with a foreign company or investor.


All times are central.

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Wednesday, February 13th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, February 13th, the Moon begins the day void-of-course in Taurus, until 3:32 AM when Luna enters Gemini, the sign that enjoys word play and puns, and is no longer void.


Mars conjunct Uranus, 12:19 AM: With this energy building for the last 6 days and continuing for the next 6 days, we are high energy, very confident, taking life personally, stepping outside of our comfort zone, speaking our version of the truth, and connecting to your inner rebel. This aspect is affecting the cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, primarily. And the fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius, secondarily. Overall, this is a very stimulating for some and a very volatile planetary combination for others. Restrictions and limitations only make this aspect more unpredictable. Keep your schedule flexible so you can respond to your moods. For some, this can be a time of investing in your dreams, starting your own business, or living off the grid. For others, our anger and resentment are right on the surface. We are only too ready to express our outrage and we may justify whatever actions we feel are warranted. It’s good to not let your frustrations build and to find a way to express this energy in a positive fashion. Physical activity, hard work, digging in your garden, yoga, and martial arts can help keep your frustration level close to normal and aid in your sleeping better at night. Some of this energy shows up again on Saturday and Sunday which may be a great time for projects around the old home place! As always, avoid people who are just accidents waiting to happen.


Moon square Mercury, 2:26 PM: We are very mentally and psychically active this afternoon and maybe even a bit scattered. This is because we are picking up messages on all levels and all the messages are important. Some detachment can help!


All times are central.

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Tuesday, February 12th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, February 12th, the Moon travels through Taurus all day but Luna does go void-of-course at 4:26 PM and remains void until Wednesday at 3:32 AM when the Moon enters Gemini and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon sextile Neptune, 12:31 AM: This aspect should help us get to bed at a reasonable time. If not, this is a good night for movies that help us relax and escape the pressures of the day.

Moon trine Saturn, 2:05 AM: This aspect stimulates our need for a planned approach to security and safety. This may show up in our dreams.


Moon trine Pluto, 12:54 PM: This is a good aspect for any sort of business transactions, investing, and any sort of land or real estate transaction. Stability and security is the main theme of this aspect.


Moon square Sun, 4:26 PM: We are a bit less focused this afternoon and we may over analyze our options and choices. Follow your intuition with this aspect.


The Moon at 4:26 PM is now void-of-course in Aries until Wednesday morning at 3:32 AM when Luna enters Taurus and is no longer void.


We are currently under the strong influence of the upcoming Mars/Uranus conjunction which culminates on Wednesday morning at 12:19 AM. This is a very mentally stimulating aspect and will certainly make difficult to sleep as soundly. Our patience is very short, and we are ready to confront anything that restricts or limits our personal expression of self! Stay away from people or events that you don’t really want to associate with. This aspect is already strong and will be strong for the next 6 days.


All times are central.

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Monday, February 11th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Monday, February 11th, the Moon travels through Taurus all day.


Moon trine Venus, 12:39 PM: This is a great aspect for working with clients, going on a date, buying some furniture, or just indulging in your personal desires. This is our only aspect of the day. It’s not very energetic but it is nice. There is additional energy around that peaks on Wednesday.


All times are central.

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Sunday, February 10th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Sunday, February 10th, the Moon travels through Aries for most of the day. She does go void-of-course at 5:48 PM but soon enters Taurus at 7:28 PM and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon sextile Sun, 2:39 AM: We have a couple of aspects in the early morning hours. These may make our dream night more active. If you are awake, you will in a creative mood.


Moon square Pluto, 3:50 AM: Emotionally we are facing our fears, letting go of the past, and moving forward. If you are awake, this would be a good time for some meditation.


Mercury enters Pisces, 4:51 AM: Our communicator, organizer, juggler, Mercury, enters Pisces, the sign of psychics, spiritual leaders, visionaries, artist, addictions, and avoidance. We are more sensitive to our day to day environment. We will want to keep our involvement in other’s drama to a minimum. Mercury will be in Pisces for the next 67 days. This is a good time for writing, working with art, playing music, spending time with nature, or finding some way to turn down the noise. Mercury will be going retrograde on the 28th of February and won’t be direct until April 2nd. Get your new projects started well before the 28th or delay them until after April 2nd. With Mercury in Pisces, pay attention to your intuition!


Moon conjunct Mars, 2:48 PM: Our energy levels are very strong this afternoon. We are feeling confident. This is a good time for a workout, online gaming, or venting your frustrations. We take life much more personally with this aspect and are more easily offended.


Moon conjunct Uranus, 5:48 PM: You will want to keep your late afternoon schedule open and flexible. You are looking for something to keep you mentally interested and entertained. We don’t respond well to demands and restrictions under this aspect. Just focus on doing something fun!


The Moon at 5:48 PM is now void-of-course in Aries but Luna soon enters Taurus, the preserver, at 7:28 and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon sextile Mercury, 9:57 PM: We are still active in the later part of the evening. This is a good time for getting ready for tomorrow, chatting with old friends, or playing with your social media.


All times are central.

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