Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Friday, February 22nd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on February 22, 2019

Friday, February 22nd, the Moon travels through Libra all day. The later part of the day is especially busy!


Moon square Saturn, 12:20 PM: We can be over-analyzing our problems this afternoon. Step back and get some perspective. It’s harder to see positive alternatives with this lunar aspect.


Mercury square Jupiter, 2:40 PM: We can easily overload our agenda with this aspect. We are drawn to shiny objects with this aspect and we will need to keep reminding ourselves of our priorities. We are enjoying our conversations with other more than usual. We can easily get off topic and find ourselves not managing our time well. This is a good time for sales as long you give yourself a very very flexible schedule. If you are on vacation, this is a great aspect to just do what you want on your own schedule. Transportation routes can be busier than usual and there can be delays because of that. The weather is stormier and more unstable with this aspect, And it will be the cause of some of the transportation delays. Give yourself extra time to get to where you’re going! This aspect has been strong for the last 3 days and remains strong for the next 3 days.


Moon sextile Jupiter, 6:56 PM: It’s a comfortable time in the early evening. This is a good time for casual social encounters for business or for friendships. This helps us to keep an open mind. The rest of the evening takes a more serious tone as life becomes a lot more personal.


Venus conjunct Pluto, 9:49 PM: This planetary aspect that has had us examining our finances and personal resources has been very strong for the last 5 days and will continue to be strong for the next 5 days. Tonight, this aspect is especially strong because it is being triggered by Moon square Venus, and Moon square Pluto, both occurring between 8:46 and 8:51 PM. We are looking at our likes and dislikes on a core level with this aspect. Trust and loyalty are both more important when these two planets interact. In relationships, we are cleaning out emotional baggage and making sure we are on the same page. In unhealthy relationships, there can be power struggles where one person attempts to impose their will upon others. Business partnerships are especially vulnerable under this aspect. We are taking a more traditional path with our finances. We are looking to root out waste and needless overspending. This can also be a time when secrets about hidden relationships or misuse of funds show up in the news. There is also a sexual component to this aspect. We may see more evidence of past sexual assaults coming to light as well. On a personal level, we need to be honest with ourselves. If we can, we can achieve our goals in more direct way without our subconscious sabotaging our attempts. With the Moon activating this energy at 8:46 and 8:51 PM, we will certainly be feeling the effects of this planetary aspect.



All times are central.


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