Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Friday, March 1st Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on March 1, 2019

Friday, March 1st, the Moon continues her journey through Capricorn, the sign of capitalism, all day. The energies of the day can be quite erratic. The evening may be some of the most intense energies we have experienced in a while. This is the building energy of the Saturn/Pluto alignment coming up in April.


Venus squares Uranus, 6:31 AM: The viability of our relationships are being tested. We are looking for excitement, passion, a zest for living, and a willingness to step outside of our own limitations. For relationships, both business and personal, that are not doing well, this can be a time of endings. We are also being motivated to rid ourselves of unnecessary debt. The stock markets may be more volatile with this aspect. Keep an eye on your investments. Be careful not to be too grounded in moral principle that it limits your growth. This is not an aspect of patience. People are more likely to turn off their personal filters with this aspect. We have been under the influence of this aspect for the last 4 days and will continue to be guided for the next 4 days. This may keep us from sleeping as soundly as well like because Uranus stirs the nervous system. Set yourself free from your own self-imposed confines.


Moon sextile Neptune, 8:40 AM: We are moving through the early morning, taking our time to get ready for our day. People are more receptive with this aspect.


Venus enters Aquarius, 10:45 AM: Venus, our planet of love, desire, design, and hedonistic pleasures, enters Aquarius, the sign of friendship and progressive cultural views, for the next 26 days. We are looking for more balance and equality in all of our relationships. We expect ourselves as well as others to act in a more rationale manner. We should be able to articulate our needs more clearly with the expectation that others will listen and respond. If they don’t, we will have little time for them. Friendships are favored as Venus travels through Aquarius. Friendship takes on a deeper meaning with this aspect. We will only want to give to others who give back.


Moon conjunct Saturn, 12:23 PM: This aspect and the next one can feel very emotionally heavy. Don’t let your negative thoughts overwhelm you with this aspect. Be clear about your priorities. Step up and be your own authority figure. Be careful who you choose to judge you with this aspect.


Moon conjunct Pluto, 9:48 PM: This is a great aspect for therapy, inventory, cleaning up financial problems, or just trying to get to the bottom of a situation. We are emotionally sensitive this evening. Your tolerance for BS will be very very low with this aspect. On a more personal level, this is a great time to clean out the pantry.


Remember, Mercury is already retrograde and will be until April 4th. Work with what you have and delay new projects until after April 4th.


All times are central.

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