Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, July 25th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on July 25, 2019

Thursday, July 25th, the Moon travels through earthy, swarthy, Taurus, all day!


Moon conjunct Uranus, 5:16 AM: This is very mentally active aspect and may get us up extra early this morning. People are not patient and may feel the “right” to act how every they please! Give yourself extra time to get to where you are going this morning.


Mars trine Jupiter, 7:22 AM: This aspect has been in play for the last 8 days and will continue for the next 8 days. We are feeling optimistic about our actions and choices with this aspect. We are expecting our projects to grow and succeed. This aspect is great for marketing, improving your social media presence, working with international businesses, and dealing with legal issues. We have an expanded view of our own potential with this aspect. It can be very easy to overload your schedule and commitments with this aspect because we can be too overconfident. This aspect also improves our relationships with our children. This aspect also favors applying for college, additional training for your job, and finding a creative outlet for your ideas! This aspect works best if you are more focused on project that directly benefit you! We are more conscious about our health and what we eat with this aspect. Try and make good use of this aspect!


Moon square Mars, 10:12 PM: Our temper is short, and our emotions are on edge. We may feel that we need to be heard, appreciate, and listened to, no matter what! Avoid those who have a need for drama and focus in on your own problems.


Moon trine Saturn, 11:29 PM: We are looking for a peaceful evening with few demands, except those we place upon ourselves. This is a good evening to finish any late night projects.


All times are central.

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