Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, December 2nd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on December 2, 2019

Monday, December 2nd the Moon begins the day in Aquarius, but Luna soon goes void-of-course at 6:27 AM and remains void until Tuesday morning1:11 AM when Luna enters Pisces and is no longer void-of-course. With the Moon void for most of the day, follow your intuition and let that energy lead the way! This is a great day to connect with old friends or co-workers. Tuesday is a busy and active day. Use this day to get prepared.


Moon square Mercury, 6:27 AM: Our minds are active this morning planning and plotting our day! Don’t overload your schedule this morning!


The Moon at 6:27 AM is now void-of-course until Tuesday morning at 1:11 AM when Luna enters Aquarius and is no longer void.


Jupiter enters Capricorn at 12:28 PM: Jupiter, our planet of growth, mind and mental expansion, learning and teaching, social morality, and positive expectations enters the sign of Capricorn, the sign of business, for the next year. Jupiter will have the strongest impact on cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. This should be an accelerated time of growth in your life. This could be about career development, remodeling or relocating, new relationships, and bringing in new life to the planet. Jupiter does expose lies and hidden plots as it activates Jupiter sense morality and justice. We can expect a focus on criminal uses of business to hide or laundry money from a historical perspective. We will all want to do more and better with what we have. Jupiter will bring her sense of Justice and Fairness to the forefront as Jupiter makes contact with Pluto and Saturn in late February and early March of 2020 when the ongoing intensity increases! Keep on your toes with this aspect!


Mercury sextiles Pluto, 11:19 PM: With this aspect in play for the last 3 days and continuing for the next 3 days, we are better at communicating our needs and reviewing your skills and financial potential. This aspect is great for negotiating, event planning, reviewing new investments, reaching out for a better position at your work, or considering starting something on your own.  In business, this is a great aspect to promote your services and to reach out to a new array of people. This is always a great aspect to buy furniture, get a makeover, or focusing your energy on the projects around you.  If you are having problems with someone, this helps resolve the problems by willing to take an honest look at what is not working.


All times are central.

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