Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, February 20th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on February 20, 2020

Thursday, February 20th, the Moon begins her journey in Capricorn, goes void-of-course at 8:18 AM and remains void until 1:42 PM when Luna enters Aquarius and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon conjunct Pluto, 2:07 AM: This may give us a very active and unusual dream night. This aspect is usually very good for therapy and cleaning out your closets.


Moon conjunct Saturn, 8:18 AM: We are trying to be focused this morning. We will want to get everything completed on our list. We are normally grumpy with this aspect. Some alone time will be appreciated by all. Let a smile be your umbrella this morning! Stick with your agenda through the void Moon time period.


The Moon at 8:18 AM is now void-of-course in Capricorn until 1:42 PM when she enters Aquarius, the water bearer, and is no longer void-of-course.


Jupiter sextile Neptune, 9:56 AM: The planetary aspect will be occurring 3 times this year. This is the first of that interaction. The aspect between Jupiter and Neptune has been influencing us more strongly from mid-January. through the end of April. Jupiter is associated with justice, immigration, cultural beliefs, religious dogma and hope for the future. While Neptune often exposes activity that is going on behind the scenes or challenges our view of what we believe reality is. When these two planetary archetypes interact, our sense of morality, and common sense are activated. We are looking for justice when people commonly overstep the bounds of civility. This can be a time when criminal activity is exposed in “big business”. This aspect should make us more ready for compromise especially under a common cause. Others may still use the desire for good will, that this aspect brings out for their own nefarious plans. This should help ease border conflicts and at least bring people to the table to talk. The medical industry will be affect as well. Rising cost will become a bigger issue possibly forcing a review of the medical industry. On a personal level, we are likely to have more hope and a louder voice to say and do the right thing. Our perspective of the world grows with this aspect. There is a lot to know and it will be easy to feel overwhelmed with all the information that we have to process. Pace yourself with this aspect. It is in play all year until the end of December.


Moon enters Aquarius at 1:42 and is no longer void. We are better at social interaction with the Moon in Aquarius, the ruler of groups and organizations.


Moon squares Uranus, 8:13 PM: Keep your agenda flexible this evening and avoid events that require your obligation. This is a great time to be with friends! We will need some distractions with this aspect.


All times are central.

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