Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, April 21st Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on April 21, 2020

Tuesday, April 21st, the Moon travels through Aries, the sign of the Ram, all day!

Sun square Saturn, 2:00 AM: We are in a period of evaluation of our goals, our personal success, how our country is doing, and the correct path for our future. This aspect has been in play for the last 10 days and will continue to be in play for the next 10 days. On a personal level, this is a time to look pragmatically at your career situation and long-term security mechanisms, your plans to make that happen, and what is the safest path to achieve those goals. We can also be overly critical of ourselves and others. We may look at only the failures instead of both wins and losses to get the entire picture. And we can feel that nothing we do matters and accept a defeatist strategy. Saturn wants a path that assure some sense of safety and the Sun just wants to get her needs met. Together, they can develop a plan that satisfies both with the least amount of sacrifice to achieve those goals. We are in a serious mood with this aspect. It is great for planning. Saturn is always ready to get rid of things that don’t serve us. Use this energy to help you develop a path of safety and good decisions during this Covid 19 virus pandemic.

Moon sextile Venus, 6:17 AM: We are up early but we are in a fairly positive mood. We will help get everyone motivated around us this morning. A great time for an early business meeting!

Moon sextile Mars, 8:35 AM: We are feeling energetic and confident this morning. This is a good time for a morning walk or a break in your routines. It’s easy to reach out to clients and friends with this aspect.

Moon conjunct Mercury, 3:06 PM: We are in a chatty mood this afternoon. This can be great for expanding your social media skills, redeveloping your office routines, or just chatting with friends. We are very mentally stimulated with this aspect.


All times are central.

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