Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, April 30th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on April 30, 2020

Thursday, April 30th, the Moon travels through Leo all day. It’s a good day to bring Sunshine into your heart!


Moon square Mercury, 5:46 AM: We have a restless mind this morning. We are mentally active which can stimulate our dreams. Otherwise, you may already be awake and planning your day.


Moon square Uranus, 8:21 AM: We are still restless this morning. You will need some project or activity to keep yourself busy. This can be a good time for problem solving as we tend to think outside of our normal parameters. It’s also a good time for a walk to get some fresh air.


Moon square Sun, 3:48 PM: We are paying attention to our resources and news about the economy. We are looking for greater sustainability with this aspect.


Mercury conjunct Uranus, 10:41 PM: With this aspect being strong for the last 3 days, we are all speeded up more mentally and emotionally. We are more creative and inventive as we adapt to our new life patterns. The ways we have gotten our information, how we communicate with people around us, and the ideal of “community” is changing. Our sense of community is more global. Personally, we may experience this as not sleeping well, being grumpier, expressing our views even when others don’t care or listen, and learning more about how to connect in the technical world. This is a good time to keep your schedule flexible even during the quarantine. This aspect will continue to have impact on us for the next 3 days as well. This aspect allows us to see the same picture with new eyes.


All times are central.

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