Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, May 28th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on May 28, 2020

Thursday, May 28th, the Moon travels through Leo all day!


Moon sextile Venus, 8:30 AM: This should make our morning pleasant. People are easier to get along with and more open to compromise. A great aspect to connect with existing clients or old friends because Venus is still retrograde!


Mercury enters Cancer, 1:09 PM: Our communicator, organizer, and ruler of our habits enters Cancer, the sign of home and family. We will spend more time communicating and connecting with our family. This can be a great time to enjoy family activities, organize the garage or the pantry, or just reminisce about family activities in the past. Mercury will be in Cancer for the next 72 days. Normally Mercury only visits a sign for about 18 days but

Mercury is going retrograde on June 10th through July 20th. And with Venus already retrograde and going direct on July 8th, our extra-long retrograde period continues unabated. The next open time when we have no retrograde will be July 20th through August 23rd. On August 23rd, Mars will go retrograde until November 30th. So, if you have plans to start something new, you will have to get that done between July 20th and August 23rd. Plan ahead!


All times are central.

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