Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, June 30th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on June 30, 2020

Tuesday, June 30th, the Moon travels through Scorpio all day! Old issues rise to the surface today!

Jupiter conjunct Pluto, 12:46 AM: This long-term aspect has been in play since last year and will be strong through the end of this year. This is the second alignment of Jupiter and Pluto. This is all about exposing hidden agendas in business, foreign relationships, travels, and increasing the volatility in the stock market. This aspect is having the strongest impact on the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. On a global level, this is a challenge to all governments, they way they handle or mis-handle power, and the misuse of laws to keep people oppressed. On a personal level, we are looking at ways to step beyond our fears and limitations…to step beyond the old ways and embrace a new normal. This can force some people to change their careers and professionals but opening new markets and presenting new opportunities during these times of economic crisis. We can feel tired, restless, uneasy, fearful, and accelerate hoarding as we respond to those fears. Obviously, don’t let the fear control you! Fear is the mind killer! We have one more time when these two line-up and that will be in November. Fireworks to follow!

Moon trine Sun, 9:20 AM: Although our day is feeling heavy, this morning aspect should give us some positive energy to embrace out day.

Moon opposes Uranus, 10:21 AM: We are speaking our minds today with this aspect. We will not like any type of restriction that limits our expression. Keep your agenda flexible with this aspect.

Moon trine Mercury, 10:39 AM: We are reexaming the past with this aspect while Mercury is retrograde. Take your time and enjoy your look back as there could be solutions and resources you may have missed.

Mercury sextile Uranus, 5:21 PM: This is a very positive mental aspect that should help us to sort through things, avoid the BS and get to the core. We are connecting to our community and what we can do to improve our environment without waiting for some government official to say “yes”! This can make us restless in our sleep, impatient with people who can’t get it, and bored with the same old reasons. This is a great time to clear out your attic, storeroom, computer, files, etc. and get rid of the things that limit your progress. This is a great aspect to connect with old friends and former business associates. This aspect has been in play for the last 4 days and will continue for the next 4 days. Get ready to breath some life back into your routines.

Sun conjunct Mercury, 9:53 PM: This is the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde cycle. At this point, it is good to start looking at, researching, and considering your new plans and ideas but don’t put them into action until after July 17th when Mercury is direct. We are more nostalgic today and may enjoy old movies and tv more than usual. This aspect also is in play for the last 3 days and will continue for the next 3 days. This should be a great planetary aspect to get things organized and cleared up in your life!  We have more of this energy tomorrow!!

All times are central.

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