Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, July 30th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on July 30, 2020

Thursday, July 30th, the Moon travels through Sagittarius all day. Luna does go void-of-course at 7:08 PM and remains void until Friday at 6:58 AM when Luna enters Capricorn and is no longer void-of-course. This is a very active day and the energy from today will last through the weekend!

Moon trine Mars, 9:02 AM: We are feeling energetic this morning. This is a great time to tackle a project or explore some new territory!

Mercury opposes Jupiter, 9:17 AM: With this planetary aspect active for the last 3 days and continuing for the next 3 days, we are opening our mind to all kinds of new ideas, different points of view, connecting to international business, planning that vacation, or even considering going back to school. Our notions of justice, fairness, and equality will be tested with this aspect. We are very concerned with the upcoming economic crisis as we are more aware of the real shortages that we are experiencing. The panic we see in others is directly reflected in us as well! On the positive side of this aspect, this is a good time for long term planning, potential business opportunities, and this is always a great time to promote your services or seek out a new position. We will want to stay busy with this aspect!

Mercury trine Neptune, 1:45 PM: In the sky, Jupiter and Neptune are making contact with each other. They are in very positive relationship to each other and will continue to be through the end of the year. Mercury, the communicator, is intensifying the connection between these two planets. Jupiter want to capitalize what it knows, and Neptune activates our need for hope for the future. Mercury helps to bring these ideals into a more useable and practical application. Mercury will help with organizing, planning, scheduling, and brain storming! We are seeing the larger picture with Mercury contacting Jupiter/Neptune. On a personal level, we are more creative. This is a very good time to express your artistic nature through your work or just making your home more beautiful. People are more open to new ideas and points of view. if you can personalize your message, people can sense your authenticity and they will allow you in. We will all need a break from the bad news that only gets worse every day with this aspect. Find a place you can escape and focus on something that gives your life meaning and purpose.  

Moon square Neptune, 2:20 PM: We all will need a break in our routine with this aspect. A great time for a walk, a coffee break, or a late lunch with a glass of wine!

Moon opposes Venus, 7:08 PM: We are feeling social this evening and are happy to share with others. This is a good aspect for being with that someone special! Otherwise, a great evening to order dinner in and watch a movie!

The Moon in Sagittarius at 7:08 PM is now void-of-course until Friday morning at 6:58 AM when Luna enters Capricorn and is no longer void-of-course.

All times are central.

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