Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, September 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on September 14, 2020

Monday, September 14th, the Moon continues her travel through Leo, the sign of children, playfulness, and the ruler of the upper back, all day!

Moon conjunct Venus, 1:53 AM: This aspect should give us pleasant dreams through the night. If you are awake, you may need a snack!

Moon square Uranus, 4:33 AM: This aspect helps to get us up too early this morning and gets us on own way sooner that we had expected. We can easily be impatient as we place more demands on ourselves. Slow down.

Moon sextiles Mercury, 9:53 AM: We are in better humor with this aspect as our brain is more organized and getting our agenda in place. This aspect enhances communications, makes it easier to work on the internet, and will stimulate our creativity.

Sun trine Pluto, 6:09 PM: We are transforming our ego and sense of self with this planetary aspect that has been in play for the last 7 days and will continue for the next 7 days. This is an excellent aspect for review of ideas, projects, long-term goals, and ways to create alternative resource bases. This aspect actually should help us to adjust to the “new normal” as our world culture is reordered via the Covid and the economic crisis. While resistance is futile, as humans we naturally want to hold on to the ideals that push us forward in our growth. This aspect helps us to clear out old moldy views that can hold us back and create more problems but not being able to recognize the new means and strategies developing around us. This is a great time to clear out our brains, storerooms, past due relationships, and provide a healthy environment for our new ways to improve our personal growth. Make good use of this energy and you will feel lighter and more self-assured as you move forward.  

All times are central.


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