Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, October 31st Daily #Astrology From Lilly Roddy

on October 31, 2020

Saturday, October 31st, Happy Halloween! Today the Moon travels through Taurus with a full Moon at 9:49 AM! The edginess continues through the weekend.

Moon opposes Sun, 9:49 AM: We are energetically charged this morning with this Full Moon in Taurus. We are more aware of our financial environment and what we need to do to feel safe. Some may respond by over buying and hoarding or cutting off their dependency on the grid. We don’t want to feel trapped.

Moon conjuncts Uranus, 9:55 AM: We may be scattered this morning, trying to put too many things together that don’t fit. We are more emotionally sensitive and reactive. Yoga, rhythmic breathing, and tai chi could all help!

Sun opposes Uranus, 10:53 AM: This planetary aspect is the one that is creating a need for freedom, a higher vision of society, and the need to keep our commitments flexible over the next 8 days. This aspect has been keeping us busy for the previous 8 days interrupting our sleep and keeping our brains overactive. We are taking life more personally and may overreact to situations than we normally do. It will help if you focus on things you enjoy doing or feel drawn to respond to. That will come from a more natural and organic place and will allow you to respond more freely. This does activate the activist in all of us. Some will be much more expressive than others. Others have had enough drama and just want to get to the end so this will be over! Focus on what works for you over the next week and you will be a much happier person. The Full Moon is a trigger for an intensification of this energy earlier this morning.

All times are central.

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