Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, April 22nd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on April 22, 2021

Thursday, April 22nd, the Moon begins the day with the Moon in Leo. Luna does go void-of-course at 7:05 AM but quickly enters Virgo at 8:08 AM and is no longer void-of-course.

Moon opposes Jupiter, 2:54 AM: This is very active lunar transit and would be good for writing or studying a new topic. It may give us an active dream night.

Moon sextile Mars, 7:05 AM: A great morning for a walk, working in your garden, or getting your agenda set for the day. We have more energy than usual.

The Moon at 7:05 AM is now void-of-course in Leo but Luna quickly enter Virgo at 8:08 AM and is no longer void-of-course.

Moon trine Sun, 1:06 PM: We are using our time and resources efficiently this early afternoon. This is a great time for negotiations, exploring new territory, and generating new social connections.

Venus conjunct Uranus, 8:01 PM: We are considering new resources, exploring new ideas about partnerships, and looking for ways to improve our community. With this aspect in play for the last 8 days and continuing to be strong for the next 8 days, this can be a great time to connect with business or social organizations to improve the quality of life. We are more conscious of diversity and the lack of equality. We are expecting more from society and the people who represent us. Personally, relationships may need some renewal or time to bond or reconnect. If you are in a difficult partnership, this can bring the issues to the forefront to be dealt with quickly. Our nervous system will be turned up and it may be difficult to sleep. Electronic devices will have a stronger impact on our physical bodies. You may want to find some time to step away. Open your minds and your hearts to new ways of looking at the work and the people around you.

Moon trine Mercury, 9:47 PM: We are mentally in tune this evening. Complex topics seem more understandable. This is a great time for social media, blogging, or attending a class.

All times are central.

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