Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

on May 26, 2021

Wednesday, May 26th, the Moon travels through Sagittarius creating the Lunar Eclipse in the early morning. Luna continue through Sagittarius for the rest of the day.

Moon opposes Sun, 6:14 AM: The Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Full Moon could certainly give you an active dream night. This Eclipse could reveal information about ourselves and in more public venues. Our information systems nationally can be stressed or even sabotaged. We may not know who to trust globally. On a personal level, we are much more aware of our daily environment and the interactions between others. For some, this can be a better time to sleep to find a peaceful place to be for the day. It can be easy to overload your schedule and expect too much for the time you have. Pace yourself today. Tomorrow is another day.

Moon sextiles Saturn, 7:01 PM: We are seeking a more peaceful and regulated evening. We will op for what is the simplest to do. A good time for self-reflection and considering your plans for tomorrow.

All times are central.

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