Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, June 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on June 14, 2021

Monday, June 14th, the Moon continues her travel through Leo, the lion-hearted sign, all day!

Moon square Uranus, 2:27 PM: Moon opposes Saturn, 2:28 PM: This double aspect will really activate our sense of individualism and our personal sense of responsibility. We may have to stand our ground and that may lead to unpleasant circumstances and feelings. Keep your schedule flexible and make sure you are connecting with people and work you enjoy!

Saturn squares Uranus, 5:01 PM: This planetary alignment pushes us to define our boundaries so that we have more personal freedom. This is the second pass of this alignment with the last one occurring in mid-December through January 2022. Saturn is all about our long-term goals, our career, and our needs to create financial and emotional security in our lives. While Uranus is the highest expression of human society striving to live to ideals! It is the essence of American beliefs about freedom, personal happiness, and self-expression. With one side of this, the oppressive side is doing it’s best to repress and hold back while the other side hopes to break free of tyranny and domination. This can create problems in relationships, work environments, political systems as they point out the limitations and lacks that don’t allow everyone the same freedoms. It’s so obvious that is what our country is going through!  On a personal level, we are looking for a reasonable balance between the new and the old. We want our security and our safety, but we are balking from repressive views. We are not safe or free if we have to hid who we are. While this aspect can crate tension, restless nights, and a desire to escape the madness, it does generate a lot of internal tension. This afternoon, this aspect is very active as the Moon draws together both Saturn and Uranus’s energy into one packet. Both determination and flexibility will be required. This aspect has been in play for the last month and continues through the next month as well. Keep vigilant!

Moon sextiles Mercury, 11:58 PM: We are talking about the past and how it has been affecting our future choices and decisions. we are more mentally active this evening and that may make it harder to get to sleep. This is a good time for writing if you are up late!

All times are central.

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