Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, June 23rd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on June 23, 2021

Wednesday, June 23rd, the Moon travels through Sagittarius, the sign of travel, all day!

Moon sextile Saturn, 4:25 AM: If you are up early, you are already planning your day. Hopefully, you are sleeping!

Sun trine Jupiter, 5:11 AM: This positive planetary aspect helps us to see alternative solutions and find positive ways to reframe our perceptions. We are more creative, more open to new points of view, able to work with international businesses, and find ways to integrate our talents into our daily life. This aspect has been in play for the last 6 days and will continue for the next 6 days. This can be a good time to start planning for vacations, wedding, or other special events. We are more likely to want to party with this aspect. This helps us to see the opportunities and calculate ways to make your life more abundant. This aspect is also good for attention classes, teaching classes, promoting your services, and improving your own “influencer” within your community on social media. Make good use of this one!

Moon opposes Mercury, 9:50 AM: Our communications skills are sill a bit rusty with Mercury still moving slowly even through she is direct. Pay attention to the details with this aspect. Don’t overload your schedule this morning.

Venus opposes Pluto, 6:39 PM: Relationships and personal values are being examined with this planetary aspect. This could be a great aspect for couple’s counseling, reviewing your investments, good for body modification, and revealing the truth behind schemes that have been hidden in the past. This aspect has been in play for the last 10 days and will continue to be strong for the next 10 days. With this aspect, we will be asking “how and why” as we dig to get to the bottom of issues and problems we discover. This aspect helps us to detoxify our lives by getting rid of negative people and overly dramatic environments such as work or home. Relationships that aren’t doing well will be tested by this aspect. In truth, this aspect helps to reveal what is hidden so we can know ourselves and others more fully. This will also have us more conscious about money and future resources. For some, this can be a time of tighter monetary control and possibly recycling old ideas. This aspect can make us suspicious, paranoid, and obsessive and make us questions our rationality. This can be a great time for a makeover, buying furniture, or looking to invest in a business. This aspect will help to keep us on our toes!

Moon square Neptune, 9:09 PM: We are ready to chill out this evening. This is a great time for a walk at the beach/lake, yoga, meditation, tai chi, or a big glass of wine! We are looking to escape the emotional pressures of the day.

All times are central.

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