Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, September 30th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on September 30, 2021

Thursday, September 30th, the Moon starts the day in Cancer. She goes void-of-course at 9:49 AM and she remains void until 7:53 PM when Luna enters Leo and is no longer void-of-course. The morning is busy!

Moon trine Neptune, 3:06 AM: This aspect should help us sleep more soundly through the night. Our dreams should be more colorful and vivid!

Moon trine Venus, 4:44 AM: If you are up early, you will need a snack to keep your going. Normally, this aspect should also help us sleep more soundly.

Moon opposes Pluto, 8:54 AM: We are in the churn early this morning. Emotions can be edgy, and our feelings can easily come to the surface. This is a good time to clear out negative emotions and the other things that make our life unpleasant. This is a great time to clean out your desk, your pantry, or garage.

Moon square Mercury, 9:49 AM: We are a bit scattered with this aspect this morning. It may be harder to get focused on detail but thinking about the past will be easier. Don’t overload your schedule this morning. We will enjoy talking this morning, maybe to only hear ourselves talk!

The Moon at 9:49 AM is now void-of-course until 7:53 PM when Luna enters Leo and is no longer void-of-course.

Venus square Jupiter, 6:31 PM: Our desires are expanding and opening up to new wants and needs with this planetary aspect. This aspect has been in play for the last 7 days and will continue to be active for the next 7 days. It’s easy for our plans and ideas to grow beyond the original expectations. Personal and business relationships will need our attention and caring to make sure that all is going well. With business, this is a good time to reconnect with your client base and make sure that everyone is doing ok. On a personal level, we may need more time than usual for ourselves and our activities. And this aspect is always good for getting away for a short vacation. Money will be a lot easier to spend with this aspect. Our needs are stronger than our logic with this planetary aspect. So, it’s a great day to overeat, buy yourself some nice new jewelry, or any other indulgences. Enjoy!

All times are central.

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