Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

on October 26, 2021

Tuesday, October 26th, the Moon travels through Cancer, with the animal sign of the Crab, a hard shell on the outside with pincers that never let go!! Our morning has a slow star and continues to be slow through the whole day.

Moon sextiles Uranus, 6:37 PM: We are needing something interesting to attract our attention! This is a good time for being with friends or working with your community or just doing what you like!

Venus square Neptune, 8:06 PM: This planetary aspect has been in play for the last 7 days and will continue for the next 7 days. We are all more psychically sensitive and may need more time alone from our friends and lovers. This aspect wants us to focus on ourselves and our desires rather than trying to satisfy others. This would be a great time for meditation, yoga, or a glass of wine. We should watch for people willing to take advantage of our generous nature and sensitive heart. This is a good time to dream about the ideal but not the best time to go looking for it. We may be more sensitive to smells, taste, and allergies with this aspect. Choose your company carefully with this aspect.

All times are central.

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