Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

on December 29, 2021

Wednesday, December 28th, the Moon travels through Scorpio all day. With the Moon in Scorpio, we are extra aware of our surroundings. The Morning is a very busy time.

Mercury will be going retrograde on January 3rd, 2022. Venus is already retrograde. These conditions will be strong through February 10th. Plan ahead!

Mercury conjunct Venus, 4:27 AM: This planetary aspect helps us to remember the past and connecting with people and things from the past. This aspect has been in play for the last 5 days and will continue to be strong for the next 5 days. This aspect is great for connecting with old friends, clients, lovers from the past, and indulging in some creature comforts. This is also a great time to review your investments, take care of financial obligations, and possibly for getting a loan. Relationships that are problematic will have the chance to clear up any post issues and move forward toward a happier life. This is a good day for eating chocolate!

Moon sextile Sun, 4:43 AM: If you are up early, this is a good aspect to get our day started. Otherwise, I hope you are still sleeping.

Moon opposes Uranus, 9:51 AM: Our energy levels are very strong the morning and we may have a strong set of intentions from this aspect. This aspect helps us to see alternative paths and solutions that we may not ordinarily see. We will want our freedom with this aspect so don’t overload your commitments or you may feel trapped.

Moon squares Saturn, 10:58 AM: If you don’t overthink your situations, this is a very good aspect for planning, and getting rid of things that don’t work. It’s too easy to only see the negative sides of situations and that can really “let the wind out of your sails”. Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t.

Mars sextile Saturn, 6:22 PM: We are taking our ideas and plans and turning them into action that helps to create financial stability, solidify our career path, and to make better use of our time and personal resources. This planetary aspect has been in play for the last 10 days and will continue to be strong for the next 10 days. This is a great aspect for long-term planning, starting your own business, improving your health and eating regimes. We are also more clear about where our responsibilities and obligation lay. This aspect also helps us with durability, persistence, and follow through. With Venus retrograde and Mercury soon to go retrograde, it’s best to focus on task and ideas that are already in play and build upon those. This aspect can help our self-confidence and our sense of responsibility and commitment.

All times are central.

Egyptian bronze finial of the goddess Selket, with the body of a scorpion. Ptolemaic Period, 305-30 BC

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