Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, January 25th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on January 25, 2022

Tuesday, January 25th, the Moon travels through Scorpio all day. We are more attuned to the undercurrents today. Tomorrow is a busy and productive day.

Moon square Sun, 7:41 AM: We are somewhat restless this morning, but we are anxious to get our day started. Our receptors are extra strong with the Moon in Scorpio and that can make the voices in our heads louder! Slowing down will make things go better!

Moon trine Jupiter, 8:01 AM: We are beginning to get on an even keel. Our attitude is better, and we are looking forward to our day. A great morning for blogging, yoga, or taking time to smell the flowers.

Moon opposes Uranus, 4:52 PM: We are more energetically active this late afternoon. We could be more nervous in crowds and may need extra space and breathing room. This aspect is very good for finding alternative solutions to problems.

Moon sextiles Venus, 5:41 PM: We are ready to chill out with this aspect. This would be a great time to meet with friends for a drink and dinner. And staying home with that special someone is extra special now!

Mercury returns to Capricorn while retrograde, 9:05 PM: Retrograde Mercury will have more of an impact on the Cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer. These signs can be most effective focusing on current and existing project and delaying any new developments. We are still under the effects of the cleaning out and reorganizing, Mercury retrograde until February 10th, but the fog is beginning to lift. Concentrate on what is in front of you and use your time effectively.

Moon square Saturn, 11:42 PM: This aspect makes us aware of the potentials for lacks, losses, and feeling the pressure of expectation. This aspect is famous for overthinking. It’s a good time to think about a plan. But once you have the plan, go to bed!

All times are central.

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