Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, February 21st Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on February 21, 2022

Monday, February 21st, the Moon begins the day void-of-course in Libra but soon enters Scorpio at 3:14 AM and is no longer void-of-course. It’s a busy day with a demanding morning. The afternoon flows along much easier.

Moon trine Jupiter, 12:45 AM: If you are up, this is a good time to work on a pod cast, consider vacation spots, and wonder why we can’t all just get along.

Moon square Saturn, 10:53 AM: We are feeling the pressures and demands of the day. We can easily feel judged by others and not feel as confident. Choose your judges wisely. Be careful about being too hard on yourself. Focus on what you can do!

Moon sextile Venus, 4:55 PM: The late afternoon is a much easier time of the day. People are more open and receptive to sales, business, and human interaction. We are drawn to people we like with this aspect.

Moon sextile Mars, 4:59 PM: Our energy levels remain strong and we are looking for some adventure or something to keep us occupied. We are feeling more connected to the people around us. This is a very good time for problem solving and improving relationships.

Moon trine Neptune, 6:00 PM: We are more ready to go with the flow as we head into the evening. We are more intuitively inclined this evening and may be drawn to those sorts of activities. A great evening for a past life regression or to your favorite medium.

All times are central.

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