Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, February 24th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on February 24, 2022

Thursday, February 24th, the Moon continues her travel through Sagittarius all day. Luna does go void-of-course at 9:24 PM and she remains void until 10:27 AM on Friday! There is lots of energy around today which can make it feel very edgy.

Moon sextile Mercury, 1:17 AM: This aspect keeps our brain active early into the morning. This may make for restless sleep or you awake trying to find something to keep you occupied.

Moon square Jupiter, 5:19 AM: We are seeing a bigger picture of the world this morning and we are not liking what we see. It’s easy to over do your schedule this early morning. Flexibility will be the key!

Venus sextile Neptune, 10:04 AM: This aspect has been in play for the last 6 days and will continue to be active for the next 6 days. This aspect does try to find ways for people to get along even with very different agendas. We can feel more compassion for some and anger and outrage at others. This aspect should help us to find some sense of unity with others. This can be a good day for sales, contract negotiations, joining a yoga/Tai Chi class, and creating some peaceful space around you. This can help currently with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It does call on people to have cooler heads as well as it can generate closer ties with our allies when we have a common cause. This aspect is also very good for expressing your artistic skills, improving your appearance, and looking for colors that blend more with nature.

Moon sextiles Saturn, 2:45 PM: This is a better time for task-oriented activities. We are clear about what’s important and how to use our time wisely.

Mercury square Uranus, 8:22 PM: This aspect pushes the rebellious instinct in us all. We are ready to act quickly to defend our traditions and beliefs. We believe our actions will make everything better for the people around us, even globally. This planetary aspect has been in play for the last 7 to 8 days and will continue to be that strong for at least the next 7 days. On a personally level, this is a time to keep your schedule open and flexible. We may avoid task or commitments that make us feel trapped and demand more than we are willing to give. This can also create traffic problems, internet struggles, and bad timing. Avoid negative people and situations that demand a response, particularly if you are not ready. We may be more clumsy, and our sleep may not be as satisfying. We will find our routines boring. We want to get away from things that make us feel ensnared. Pay attention to your surroundings with this aspect.

Moon square Neptune, 9:24 PM: We are ready to chill this evening. This is a good time for meditation, yoga, or a few glasses of wine. We are more sensitive to our environment than usual and need some space from other people’s energies.

The Moon in Sagittarius is now void-of-course at 9:24 PM until Friday morning at 10:27 AM when Luna enters Capricorn and is no longer void-of-course.

All times are central.

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