Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

on March 2, 2022

Wednesday, March 2nd, the Moon travels through Pisces all day! It’s an active day that easily merges with Thursday.

Mercury conjunct Saturn, 10:33 AM: We are more precise in our speech, more conscious about our commitments, and trying to give our world view a sense of order. This planetary aspect affects many parts of our lives. This can slow down the internet, create traffic delays, slow down mail deliver, and gives power to overthinking small decisions in our lives. This aspect has been in play for the last 6 days and will continue to be strong for the next 6 days. One way to adapt to this aspect is to slow down and consider this an opportunity to make sure you are clear and that your assumptions are correct. We will feel more judged by others because of this aspect. It will be very important to make sure you “choose the right judges” who are more mentor like. This is not a time to be in a hurry. This is a good time to edit your blogs, clean out your computer files, have your car repaired, and to get rid of the piles of crap around your desk.  

Moon sextile Uranus, 10:43 AM: We are feeling more positive about our morning. This is a great time to be with friends or giving a group presentation. We are mentally sharp and need something to focus our attention on.

Moon conjunct Sun, 11:35 AM: The New Moon in Pisces is about opening up and being more compassionate about others and the world around us. This would be a great time for yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, or just finding a quiet space for yourself. We are more sensitive to negative energy and difficult people! This energy remains strong through the rest of the day. Choose your companions carefully today!

Moon conjunct Jupiter, 3:24 PM: This is a big boost in our energy for the late afternoon. This is a better time for most all activities, including sales, business negotiations, fantasizing about your vacation, or just chatting with your friends. We are in an open minded mood!

All times are central.

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