Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

on March 15, 2022

Tuesday, March 15th, the Moon begins the day in Leo, but she quickly goes void-of-course at 5:56 AM until 11:59 PM. At that time, Luna enters Virgo and is no longer void-of-course. With the Moon void for most of the day, pace yourself. We have more of an internal agenda that is setting our plan. With the Moon in Leo, we all need to feel special and loved. Share your heart with others today.

Moon opposes Saturn, 5:56 AM: If you are up early, you are setting your plans for the day, but you will need to be flexible as the day unfolds. It’s easy to be more pessimistic with this aspect. Don’t let the morning get you down.

The afternoon feels tense and undecided this afternoon. You may need to step back and rethink your plan. You are more grounded tomorrow.

All times are central.

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