Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, May 17th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on May 17, 2022

Tuesday, May 17th, the Moon travels through Sagittarius all day. Luna does go void-of-course at 10:59 PM and remains void until Wednesday morning at 7:02 AM when Luna enters Capricorn and is no longer void. Tomorrow we have a Mars/Neptune aspect in the sky that can affect people in many different ways. It can a time where we want to avoid most people and their drama. For some, it can be a time to act on their spiritual influences to take action to make the work a better place, a sense of personal sacrifice. We will be feeling this energy very strong this evening. It’s best to be in a safe and comfortable place at that time.

Moon trine Venus, 10:31 AM: This is a good morning for interacting with other humans. People are open to what you have to say. This is a very good business aspect, particularly connecting with old clients or customers. We are wanting a more peaceful environment with this aspect.

Moon square Mars, 10:51 PM: Initially, our emotional and psychic energies has been turned up. We are taking the world more personally and we feel the intentions in others. It would be best to look for online gaming, watching sports events, or some action movies.

Moon square Neptune, 10:59 PM: The rescuer steps into the picture. We are feeling the world around us as our psychic receptors get stronger. For some, we may need to hide out. Yoga and meditation are very good with this energy. We may also want a couple of glasses of wine as well!

Moon sextile Saturn, 10:59 PM: And yet, some rationality and realism finally enters the picture and we are feeling more grounded. Focus on what you can do and remember that you are not in control.

The Moon at 10:59 PM is now void-of-course in Sagittarius until Wednesday morning at 7:02 AM when Luna enters Capricorn and is no longer void.

All times are central.

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