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Wednesday, June 1st Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on June 1, 2022

Wednesday, June 1st, the Moon begins the day void-of-course in Gemini, but Luna quickly enters Cancer at 12:49 AM and the Moon is no longer void. The morning is a good time to get things done.

Moon square Jupiter, 8:35 AM: A good morning to be up early as we have a lot on our agenda. We can be more talkative than usual so give yourself extra time to get to where you are going. A great morning for walk or even a workout!

Moon sextiles Venus, 10:24 AM: This is a very positive aspect that makes all interactions go more smoothly. For business, this is a great time to connect with clients or customers, just to check in! We can see value in others with this aspect.

Moon square Mars, 12:31 PM: We are ready for a break from the demands of the day. This is a very good time for a workout or a find a place to de-stress. We are taking life too personally and we just need some “me” time. However, if you feel you need to depend your point of view, you are ready!

All times are central.

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