Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, August 2nd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on August 2, 2022

Tuesday, August 2nd, the Moon travels through Libra, the sign of balance, all day. We should be busy!

Venus sextiles Uranus, 7:25 AM: We are open to new ideas, new taste, unique styles, and expressing our own distinctiveness. This aspect spurs our creative nature. This is a much better time for business partnerships, advertising, exploring new markets, and looking for investments in new types of energy production. This positive planetary aspect has been in play for the last 6 days and will continue for the next 6 days. People are willing to spend money on activities and events that enrich their lives. This is also a great time to set plans for marriage or some other type of commitment. We feel more free to engage in a boundary that creates a sense of personal freedom in a relationship. This aspect helps us to see a more positive view of the future.

Moon opposes Jupiter, 3:27 PM: We are open to new ideas, a larger perspective, and are better at using social media. This is also an excellent aspect for international business. We can be very chatty with this aspect. Our energy levels are strong!

Moon sextiles Sun, 7:12 PM: This aspect is good for most all activity, but good for close interaction with people that you enjoy being with. This aspect is very good for dating and romance!

Venus sextiles Mars, 9:00 PM: And here is Venus, very active with Mars, her lover! They are blending desire with action as these two meet up. This planetary alignment is great for starting new projects, new partnerships, going to spa for vacation, and finding ways to promote our abilities. This aspect has also been strong for the last 6 days and will continue to be active for the next 6 days. We will want to be fulfilling our desires with this aspect. This aspect can be a great time of renewal and enjoyment for existing romantic relationships! We feel we are on the same wavelength. In business, we can use this same energy to sense where our clients, customers, and co-workers are operating from. We should be able to get some things accomplished with this aspect as well as toning down some of the tension over the last couple of weeks.

All times are central.

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