Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, August 16th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on August 16, 2022

Tuesday, August 16th, the Moon travels through fiery Aries for the majority of the day. The Moon does go void-of-course at 3:18 PM and remains void until 9:22 PM when Luna enters Taurus and is no longer void-of-course.

Moon sextiles Saturn, 6:14 AM: A good morning to be up early as we set our agenda for the day. This is a good morning for a walk, work out, and having some time to think about our future.

Moon trines Sun, 9:48 AM: This positive lunar aspect just makes everything run smoother. Our self-confidence is stronger, and we feel more in touch with the flow. People should be open and friendly.

Mercury trines Uranus, 12:46 PM: This planetary aspect speeds up our ability to process information, make connections with the data, and helps to generate new perspective about our patterns and routines. This can also speed up our system so much that it can be hard to slow it down. We may have more difficulty sleeping but more time awake to get some things done. This is a very good aspect for improving your electronics, purchasing a car, and taking a leadership role in your community. This aspect does emphasis a mental approach to life. This can also be a great time to get things organized and to get rid of things that hold you down. Our conversations are clear and concise. This aspect favors sales, electronics, computers, communication networks, advertising, and integrating diversity into our daily life. This aspect has been in play for the last 6 days and will continue for the next 6 days. We have a lot of ideas, but it may be hard to slow down to examine them all. You have more time than you think!

Moon squares Pluto, 3:18 PM: We are deep in thought this afternoon. This is a better time for therapy, reviewing your investments, and making sure you are getting what you need from your work. We see past the veil with this aspect.

The Moon in Aries at 3:18 PM is no void-of-course until 9:22 PM when Luna enters Taurus and is no longer void.

All times are central.

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