Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

March 23rd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on March 23, 2023

Thursday, March 23rd, the Moon continues her travel through Aries. Luna goes void-of-course at 12:13 PM and remains void until 1:42 PM. At that time, the Moon enters Taurus and is no longer void-of-course.

Pluto enters Aquarius at 7:13 AM: When Pluto changes sign, another generation is born. Pluto moves through and clears out the past, in disregard of what ever that may mean to us personally. Pluto will be traveling through Aquarius for the next 21st. Our concepts of groups, tribes, associations, community groups, and congress will be going through a shift. The values of the individual become more important as it has to fight its way through the rigidity of the past. Pluto will have the strongest impact on the Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio. If you have planets in these signs, you will eventually feel some impact from Pluto. For some of us, this is happening now, while others may have to wait until Pluto makes her way to you! Pluto’s movement is slow and consistent and unstoppable, like lave. It’s best to move with the change rather that resist.

Moon sextiles Mars, 12:13 PM: This aspect should give us plenty of energy and courage to move forward. This is a great time for presentations and showing the best side of yourself. We are more open emotionally.

The Moon at 12:13 PM in Aries is now void-of-course until 1:42 PM when Luna enters Taurus and is no longer void.

Moon squares Pluto, 1:42 PM: We are feeling edgy emotionally with this aspect. This can be a very good time to look deep and be honest with yourself. We are reviewing our resources and looking at what works and what isn’t working for us.

Moon sextile Saturn, 4:57 PM: We are more rationale in the late afternoon. This is a better time for business or getting your agenda finished. We are thinking of a better future.

All times are central.

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