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Tuesday, March 21st Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, March 21st, the Moon starts the day in Pisces, the sign of psychic energy, artist, and fantasy, Luna goes void of course at 10:58 AM. At 11:01 AM Luna enters Aries and is no longer void.

Moon conjunct Neptune, 3:20 AM: This should help us get more sleep this early morning. The strength of the Neptune remains strong with the very active last week.

Moon square Mars, 7:55 AM: This should be a good morning to start your workouts, get ready for today’s activities, and to express your emotions. We are a bit edgy this morning.

Moon sextiles Pluto, 10:58 AM: We are in a productive business mode this morning. We have an agenda and plan to get it carried out. This is always a good time for therapy and reassessing your investments.

The Moon at 10:58 AM is now void in Pisces until 11:01 AM when Luna enters Aries and is no longer void-of-course.

Moon conjunct Sun, 12:23 PM: The New Moon in Aries really emphasizes the spring and the need to move forward in our lives paying more attention to our health, our relationships, and having better boundaries with work and family. People’s emotions will be strong this afternoon and many will be speaking their piece. Prior to the new moon, we may feel sluggish or not sure of our direction for the day. This New Moon will help with that! The New Moon impacts the Cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, the strongest. This is a good day to start something new!

Moon conjunct Mercury, 8:34 PM: The strength of the New Moon bleeds over into our conversations this evening. We will want to share our view about everything. This is a great evening for social media, working on your podcast, and spending time with your family.

All times are central daylight time.

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Monday, March 20th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Monday, March 20th, the Moon travels through Pisces, the sign of compassion, all day.

Moon sextiles Uranus, 12:34 PM: This is a positive lunar aspect that helps with meeting new people, working with a community project, team building, or just simply having lunch with friends.

Sun sextile Pluto, 3:12 PM: This planetary aspect helps us to focus on the task at hand, clear out what doesn’t work, and utilize the resources around you in a more productive way. This aspect helps us to realign the ego by detoxifying the environment around you. We may feel more confident in selling ourselves or pushing our ideas forward. We definitely want to be rid of past expectations that have held us back in the past. This aspect have been in play for the last 6 days and will continue to be strong for the next 6 days. This is a good time to move forward on new plans for career, family expectations, and becoming more aware of your inner power.  

Sun enters Aries, 4:24 PM: As the Sun enters Aries, this is 1st day of the Spring Equinox. Since Aries is a fire sign, we are more active and feel the call of spring. We will want to get things done in a very timely manner and we will not be as patient about life in general. We are more playful. This is a great time to get out in Mother Nature and get in touch with your instinctual roots. Try not to overload your schedule and keep your options more open than usual. The Sun will be in Aries until April 21st, when she enters Taurus. This is a very good time to start new projects and get that spring cleaning done.

All times are central daylight time.

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Sunday, March 19th, the Moon travels through Aquarius as we start the day. the Moon does go void-of-course at 5:33 AM. At 10:12 AM Luna enters Pisces and is no longer void-of-course.

Moon trine Mars, 5:33 AM: This aspect gives us extra energy in the morning for a workout or to get our day going early.

The Moon at 5:33 AM is now void-of-course in Aquarius until 10:12 AM when Luna enters Pisces and is no longer void.

Moon conjuncts Saturn, 12:28 PM: This aspect is good for completing task, taking care of home repair, and making plans to keep your family safe. It’s easy to overthink problems with this aspect. It is a good time for have some personal space for yourself.

Moon sextiles Venus, 3:54 PM: This positive aspect improves relationships, helps with being connected to the flow, and likes to enjoy comfortable and familiar things. A great time for a date or just hanging out with friends.

All times are central daylight time.

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Saturday, March 18th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Saturday, March 18th, the Moon travels through Aquarius all day. We are still under the influences of the past aspects over the last week.

Moon squares Uranus, 11:50 AM: We are wanting to do our own thing this morning. Avoid obligatory events and find something interesting to do. This aspect is very good for problem solving outside the box.

Mercury sextiles Pluto, 10:24 PM: We are digging deep with this aspect. Our inner detective has been activated and we are better at research, getting to the core, getting rid of things that have outlived their usefulness, and improving our health and self-care routines. This aspect is great for planning, organizing, focusing on career, writing, and being very clear about what you need! This aspect has been in play for the last 6 days and will continue for the next 6 days. This aspect should help us to get better prepared after the last week we have had. We are more serious in our conversations but we also see the irony of what is going on around us.

Mercury enters Aires, 11:24 PM: Our communicator and organizer, Mercury, enters the fast-acting sign of Aries for the next 15 days. We are more quick to respond to questions and request. We may even answer before we have thought the whole thing through. Mercury in Aries will have the strongest impact on the Cardinal signs or Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Some may call it impulsive but Aries acts on instinct to make sure that we are safe! Patience won’t be a virtue with Mercury in Aries.

All times are central.

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Friday, March 17th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Friday, March 17th, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! the Moon starts the day in hard working Capricorn. Luna goes void at 9:14 AM and very quickly enters Aquarius at 9:35 AM and is no longer void.

We have another day full of aspects. The majority of the aspect will be taking place in the early morning through the late morning. We may have a hard time sleeping late with all this activity. You may want to just get up early and get your day going.

In the morning between 2 am and 4 am, we have a lot of Lunar aspects that will give us an overactive dream night or just make it harder to get restful sleep.

We are a bit more organized around 6 am but we have to be careful not to overload our schedule. Flexibility still rules the day!

We should be feeling more grounded by the late morning and may be finally getting into the flow of the day.

In the evening, we are still finishing up our projects. This is a better time to get ready for tomorrow which continues to be busy.

We have aspects today that have been active for the last 6 days and will continue to be active for the next 6 days. This should carry us through the weekend and into the middle of next week.

The Sun, Mercury, and Neptune are all meeting up in Pisces. This does make us more sensitive and we may want to take an early weekend. Pace yourself!

All times are central.

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Thursday, March 16th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Thursday, March 16th, the Moon travels through Capricorn for the entire day. This is an especially busy day, astrologically. It has been that way this week with the USA having an encounter with a Russian jet and the stock market taking a big dip after a bank failure. The USA has the Mars in Gemini, and our Mars is extra active!!

This morning, Venus, enters Taurus for the next 24 days. We will the most from our investments. We may need more physical contact from our partners. Venus is strong in Taurus, since this is her home sign. This should improve the relationships of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. We are more concerned about our sense of self-worth and confidence with Venus in Taurus.

Most of the activity is in the later part of the day. We have Mercury conjunct Neptune, Sun square Mars, Venus square Pluto, and Mercury square Mars today! These aspect can will take on many meanings. We may have problems communicating, worse traffic, and internet glitches. We will not have much patience with delays which will only make things worse. And we will definitely be taking life waaaaaay too personally. We may have crisis in confidence and doubt our ability to follow through on commitments. Money problems may bring on more doubt. And finally, in the later part of the evening, we may not be able to hold our temper back. You may need a workout, no matter how late it might be. Overall, we are more nervous, unsure our choices and directions.

This continue through tomorrow with some of the same intensity. This may be a time of decision making for many of us. We may feel compelled to respond to our environment. We will be more talkative than usual, and we may lack focus and direction. Flexibility is the key with these aspects. Try not to put yourself into situations where you have to make decisions when you are not ready. This would be a great time to have a mental health weekend, starting now!

All times are central.

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Wednesday, March 15th, the Moon travels through Sagittarius for the early morning. Luna goes void-of-course at 3:50 AM and remains void until 7:08 AM when the Moon enters Capricorn and is no longer void.

Moon trine Venus, 3:50 AM: This aspect should help with our rest this early morning. If you are awake, you will want a snack!

The Moon in Sagittarius at 3:50 AM is now void-of-course until 7:08 AM when she enters Capricorn and is no longer void.

Moon sextiles Saturn, 8:42 AM: This aspect should help us get our day planed and our chores completed. We are more in a work mode with this aspect.

Sun conjunct Neptune, 6:39 PM: Neptune, the planet of fantasy, awakening from an illusion, the planet that helps us connect with the unseen world, and the planet that rules escapism and addiction, continues to be overly active this week. Yesterday, Mars made contact with Neptune. Tomorrow, Mercury will make contact with Neptune. For today this Sun/Neptune aspect has been in play for the last 8 days and will continue to be strong for the next 8 days. Our energy may be lower, and we may be more sensitive to the world and environment around us. This is an excellent time for meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, pilates, studying metaphysics, visiting your favorite reader, or taking some days off for mental health. Clearly, this is a time to pay attention to your intuition. As with all planet aspects to Neptune, some people will act without concern for other. Some of us will want to retreat and wait till it blows over. Others may want to reach out to those people who are being mistreated. And still for others, the air is thick and feels like your walking through goo! This is the perfect aspect for self-care.

All times are central.  

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Tuesday, March 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, March 14th, the Moon travels through Sagittarius all day. The evening should be especially active.

Moon trine Jupiter, 4:57 AM: If you are up, this is a good time for journaling, planning you next vacation, and watching foreign movies.

Moon square Mercury, 4:38 PM: We are very mentally active this afternoon. We can very easily take on too much. Slow down and take a step back. We can be easily distracted with this aspect.

Mars squares Neptune, 6:39 PM: We are focused on the alignment of these two planets for the week. This aspect has been in play for the last 2 weeks and will be strong for the next 12 days. We are seeing this energy play itself out through legislation defining gender and gender roles and the push back that is also occurring. It’s an easy time to misuse facts and lie to people about the truth. On a personal level, some of us may be angry and strongly express our views. Others may feel they have the right to dictate other’s lives through force and coercion. Some of us will want to hide out and look the other way. We may want to bury our heads in the sand. Will compassion or will hatred win out? This aspect is having the strongest impact on the Mutable signs, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. This energy gets even stronger this evening when the Moon makes contact with Neptune and Mars. Tempers will be short. We will all need some time to ourselves as we are not sure of what action to take. People may be acting out in public. Others may believe they have been victimized and feel the right to act in any way they want. It will be hard to ignore daily irritations as well and we will all be taking life very personally. This is the 3rd time these two planets have lined up. They initially lined up in October 2022 and November 2022. This alignment continues to remain very strong through the end of the week. On the positive side of this, this is a time to focus on yourself for improved exercise, diet, self-care, and finding time to reassure your inner child. Traffic could be worse, the internet may be buggy, and events may not come off as planned. As with all Mutable signs, flexibility is the key.

Moon squares Sun, 9:08 PM: We may find it hard to be satisfied this evening. We may be restless. This can be a great time to do chores to keep yourself busy.

Moon Squares Neptune, 10:38 PM: Moon opposes Mars, 10:45 PM: These two aspects are turning up our psychic sensitivity. We will want to find some peaceful places to be. This could be a great night to be at the lake, beach, or mountains. We are taking life very personally, and you may need a way to release some energy. Meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and a glass of wine are all ways to help sooth the savage breast.  This is not the time to be around people you don’t care for. Create a safe healing space for yourself. The veil to the unseen world is very thin tonight.

All times are central.

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Monday, March 13th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Monday, March 13th, the Moon starts the day in Scorpio but soon goes void-of-course at 1:58 AM. At 2:21 AM, Luna enters Sagittarius and is no longer void-of-course.

Moon sextile Pluto, 1:58 AM: This is a time of acknowledging and releasing aspect of ourselves that hold us back due to fear and abandonment. This may process through your dreams or chatting with friends on social media.

The Moon at 1:58 AM is now void in Scorpio until 2:21 AM when Luna enters Sagittarius and is no longer void.

Moon square Saturn, 3:34 AM: As I have said many times before, this is the best aspect to sleep through. We are worry warts with this aspect, imagining the worse!  If you are awake, watch something uplifting.

All times are central.

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Sunday, March 12th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Sunday, March 12th, the Moon travels through Scorpio all day. We are digging deep today!

Moon trine Mercury, 2:07 AM: This could get us up earlier than necessary this morning as the time changes. It can also promote a more active dream night.

Moon trine Sun, 11:32 AM: We are feeling upbeat this morning. This is a great time to get your activities started. We are more in touch with our emotional needs with this aspect.

Moon trine Neptune, 5:18 PM: We are ready to relax this evening and enjoy a glass of wine, a nice dinner, and watching something we like! We will all need some time to ourselves with this aspect.

This week begins several strong planetary alignments. Although, we are feeling them now, the greater impact is Tuesday, 14th through Saturday, 18th. We may feel more edgy. We are not able to ignore some things in our daily life, like we normally do. We may be more aggressive, paranoid about what actions crazy people might take, and possibly a loss of hope about the future. Some will want to fight back. Some will want to hide. Sensitive and empathetic types are going to be impacted more strongly as well as the Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius. Be safe, avoid angry or crazy people, and determine what is the best choice of action for you!

All times are central.

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