Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, May 4th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on May 4, 2023

Thursday, May 4th, the Moon starts the day in Libra. Luna does go void-of-course at 4:17 AM and remains void until 9:32 AM. At that time, the Moon enters Scorpio and is no longer void.

Moon trine Venus, 2:54 AM: We should be having sweet dreams when this aspect takes place. If you are awake, this is a great time for a late-night dinner with that special someone.

Moon opposes Jupiter, 4:17 AM: We may be up early this morning with this aspect. Our brain is already active and we are trying to get as much done as we can.

The Moon in Libra at 4:17 AM is now void-of-course until 9:32 AM when she enters Scorpio and is no longer void.

Moon squares Pluto, 10:12 AM: We are looking for some organization and getting rid of things we don’t need. Emotionally, we are more sensitive and more likely to express exactly how we feel. This is a good time for research, therapy, and pushing past difficult times.

Venus squares Neptune, 12:40 PM: With this planetary alignment active for the last 7 days and continuing for the next 7 days, we are looking for some quiet time to retreat and step away from our routines. With our psychic sensitivities turned up, we are ready for a deeper interaction but more aware of the negative energies around us. We may be more indecisive and less willing to be around demanding people. This may be more of a time for mental health days. We are looking for the deeper meaning to life and yet we feel hopeless with this aspect. The duality of both are occurring at the same time. We may question our sense of self-worth, particularly about our partnerships. A way to work with this energy is to embrace the sense of not knowing. Flow with the river instead of swimming against the current. Take more time for yourself. Do things you enjoy, even if that is just sitting. Don’t get lost in the emotional eddies that are around you.

Moon trine Saturn, 7:53 PM: We are more in a somber mood this evening, but we still want to make good use of our time. This is a good time for business if you have projects or task to finish.

Venus sextiles Jupiter, 11:03 PM: This planetary alignment helps to bring some brightness and hope to the earlier alignment of Venus and Neptune. We are open to new ideas with this aspect. We want a bigger view of what’s going on. This can be a very good time for a class, taking a short vacation, connecting more personally with your client base, and understanding your value and support to others. This may be a time when you are looking at different investments and considering ways to improve on your life when you are older. Personal relationships can help us to cope with some of our sense of lack of focus. This aspect has been in play for the last 6 days and will continue for the next 6 days. This is a time to indulge our favorites. With Mercury retrograde, this is a good time to connect with old friends and clients from the past. This aspect helps us keep a more positive attitude!

All times are central daylight time.

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