Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Sunday, May 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on May 14, 2023

Sunday, May 14th, Happy Mother’s Day!  The Moon travels through Pisces all day.

Moon sextiles Uranus, 8:22 AM: We are feeling positive this morning. This is great time to share coffee with friends this morning. We are open to new points of view.

Moon sextiles Sun, 4:17 PM: This aspect helps improve any situation. We are more compassionate and understanding with this aspect. This aspect should make Mom’s day a better day!

Moon trines Mars, 9:30 PM: We are ready for some entertainment and changing up our routines. This is a great time for getting out and enjoying the night life.

Moon conjuncts Neptune, 9:56 PM: We are more connected to our psychic facets our of being with this Lunar aspect. Harsh environments can feel too difficult to be around. This can be a great time for a séance, meditation, or a glass of wine!

Mercury goes stationary direct, 10:17 PM: Mercury, our communicator, organizer, and routine director goes stationary direct. This is the point when Mercury, from the Earth’s point of view, stops moving backwards and begins moving forward. It’s best to give Mercury a few days, the 19th, to regain its speed before moving forward on any new projects or ideas. This may be a very good time to connect with family on this Mother’s Day. Delays, traffic issues, and possible internet problems can be more active during this time. Give yourself more time to get to where you are going.  

All times are central.

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