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Friday, August 18th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Friday, August 18th, the Moon travels through Cancer all day!


Moon sextile Mercury, 4:19 AM: If you are up early, your brain is working well. If you are trying to sleep, it may be a restless sleep!


Moon trine Neptune, 9:17 AM: We are taking our time and enjoying the morning. Have that extra Danish and latte! People are easier to get along with this morning.


Moon opposition Pluto, 3:45 PM: The afternoon and evening hours are more action oriented. People are expressing their feeling and emotions! Words have impact today. Use their carefully!


Moon square Jupiter, 7:52 PM: Our sense of truth and righteousness is being activated this evening. We are outspoken. This could have some negative impacts on friendships and relationships if you try and shove your views down someone’s throat. It may be hard to avoid the drama. It’s a good evening to get away from your routines.


Moon conjunct Venus, 11:05 PM: This could be a lovely way to end our day. This can be a great time to be with that special someone enjoying a movie and popcorn!  Oh..and always…a piece of pie! It’s always Pie:30 here!!!


All times are central.

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Thursday, August 17th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Thursday, August 17th, the Moon starts the day in Gemini, goes void at 8:38 AM but soon enters Cancer, the Mother, at 11:13 AM and is no longer void-of-course.


Venus square Jupiter, 1:40 AM: With this planetary combo in effect for the last couple of day, we have been examining areas of our lives trying to decide what to keep and what to throw away. This has been a time of realism in relationship, both business and person. We can see very clearly how people are responding to the obligations of partnership. Hopefully, this will help to bring some insight into our decisions both personally and internationally. On a personal level, we just may want to relax and indulge our senses. This can be a good time to get away from it all by taking a short vacation to a familiar and comfortable place. This aspect remains strong through the next couple of days and can help to bring some enthusiasm back into our mundane activities in our relationships. This is always great energies for over eating the things we really like!


Moon sextiles Sun, 2:13 AM: If you are awake, this aspect will help you feel good about being up so early in the morning! It should help us to sleep through the night.


Moon sextile Uranus, 8:38 AM: We are upbeat as our day starts. It’s a good time to interact with other humans and especially if they are involved in group or community activities. We are open minded and better at problem solving with this aspect.


The Moon is now void-of-course at 8:38 AM in Cancer until 11:13 AM when Luna enters Cancer, the sign of emotional security/insecurity, and is no longer void-of-course.

The Moon doesn’t make any aspect today but it is not void. We are led by our emotion ego most of the day! We are building to the Eclipse on Monday. The planet energies are still crazy as you can tell. Patterns and routines are off and we may not be functioning as well as we like. In these cases, always do what is in your own best interest.


All times are central.

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Wednesday, August 16th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Wednesday, August 16th, the Moon travels through Gemini, the communicator, all day!


Moon square Mercury, 3:49 AM: An early aspect that make get wake you up or add to an active dream night. We are rehashing the past with this aspect.


Moon square Neptune, 7:35 AM: With this aspect, we will need some time for ourselves, meditation, or just a walk in the park. We see things as they are and are working to integrate and accept that which challenges our beliefs.


Moon sextile Mars, 2:29 PM: Our afternoon is much more active. We are active and confident in our decisions. We can speak clearly about our needs to others with this planet combination. Take action on your impulses.


Moon trine Jupiter, 5:35 PM: We are feeling better this late afternoon. This is a much better time to deal with people, meetings, and social gatherings. People are more open to new ideas!


Moon opposes Saturn, 8:40 PM: If you are working late, you are getting a lot done! We can have a tendency to over think and over analyze decisions that we have made recently. It can be easy to feel down and depressed and unleash your inner critic. A better path would be to acknowledge the problems, decide on a plan, and determine a way to get things back on track.


All times are central.

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Tuesday, August 15th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Tuesday, August 15th, the Moon starts the day void-of-course in Taurus until 9:06 AM when Luna enters Gemini, the double talker, and is no longer void-of-course.


Venus opposes Pluto, 6:13 AM: We are taking a close look at our values, both moral and physical. This aspect can be a time when a couple’s relationship could deepen as they are able to get closer and more emotionally intimate than usual. This can also help a business partnership to get clear about what is the right path. In a larger sense, this aspect greatly effects the USA’s chart. We see more clearly the negatives that are being exposed that makes us deal with the truth and not just a rose-colored view of life. We aren’t sure we can trust the people in power. We want to know their motives. Our relationships with other nations is suffering. With Mercury retrograde, this is an excellent time to review financial investments, get your records in order, or even rekindle an old relationship. It can also signal the end of a relationship that we all know is dead. This aspect remains strong for the next couple of days. It’s a great time to clean house!


Moon enters Gemini, where variety is the spice of life, at 9:06 AM and is no longer void. The Moon doesn’t have any aspects even though it’s not void-of-course. With the Moon in Gemini, you can have a more light-hearted attitude about the day.


The upcoming Solar Eclipse on the 21st, will impact those who have planets in Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus. This Eclipse pattern occurred in August 1998. In my experience, Eclipse are often time when new pathways open up for people. We have already had the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th. The effects of the Eclipses are happening now. You don’t have to wait for the 21st to see their impact on you. Look for new areas of interest that you are being drawn to. This could be an indication of where you are headed next.


All times are central.

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Monday, August 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Monday, August 14th, the Moon travels through Taurus all day but she does go void-of-course at 8:15 PM and remains void until 9:06 AM on Tuesday.


Moon trine Mercury, 1:42 AM: If you are up late, this is a good period to work on your blog or enjoy an old movie!


Moon sextile Neptune, 4:55 AM: We are enjoying the peacefulness of our own bed! We are not in a hurry to start the day. Take some extra time for yourself.


Moon square Mars, 9:30 AM: By mid-morning, we are a bit edgy and may be trying to get things done by bull-dozing our way through. Be careful, others will feel the same way and may push back! The gym is a good place for these energies.


Moon sextile Venus, 9:49 AM: We are feeling a little better and being more aware of what others are doing. This is a much better time to find a harmonious path. We are better at negotiating with this aspect.


Moon trine Pluto, 11:33 AM: We are examining our resource base and looking at ways to improve it. We are in a good mood but our conversations are more serious. Relationships can be improved with this aspect as we are more willing to be open about our hopes and expectations.


Moon square Sun, 8:15 PM: We have extra energy this evening. This would be a great time to treat yourself. We are not into compromising this evening. Speak carefully as your words will have strong impact on others.


The Moon at 8:15 PM is now void-of-course in Taurus until Tuesday morning at 9:06 AM when Luna enters Gemini. We still have some extra energy for this evening. You may need to get our and entertain some diversions!


All times are central.

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Sunday, August 13th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Sunday, August 13th, the Moon starts the day in Aries, a fiery active energy, but soon goes void-of-course at 3:01 AM. She enters Taurus, the determined sign, at 5:40 AM and is no longer void-of-course. We don’t have a lot of activity today but Monday and Tuesday will make up for it.


Moon conjuncts Uranus, 3:01 AM: This is a very mentally active time. I hope you are able to sleep through this. Otherwise, get up and find some distractions to put you back to sleep.


The Moon at 3:01 AM is now void-of-course in Aries until 5:40 AM when Luna enters Taurus and is no longer void.


Sun trine Saturn, 4:06 PM: With this aspect strong for the last couple of days, we have been more responsible and getting things done. This can be especially helpful this weekend if you have been working on weekend warrior projects. This energy remains strong for the next 4 days. We can use this aspect to work on ourselves to improve our personal habits or work ethics. With work, we will want to be clear of our responsibilities so that we can commit ourselves and not be undermined by poor managers. This is also a good time to assess the future value of skills, people, and possessions in your life and to determine if you really need them. Even with Mercury retrograde, this is a good time to take care of your assigned projects, especially those from your past.


All times are central.

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Saturday, August 12th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Saturday, August 12th, the Moon travels through Aries, the pioneer all day. Today, Mercury is stationary retrograde. The effects of Mercury retrograde will be very strong. Double check your schedule!


Venus trines Neptune, 12:18 AM: We all seek a more peaceful co-existence with this aspect in play. We are more creative and want more meaning from the things we do and the people we have in our lives. With this subtle aspect, we may want to explore our inner selves and connect more with the inspired source of the Universe. We all can be more understanding of others with this aspect. This aspect is always good for writing, artistry, yoga, meditation and stepping outside of your normal boundaries. This planet combination remains strong for the next couple of days. Enjoy this aspect!


Moon square Venus, 12:36: If you are up late, this can be a nice way to end the evening! Having some company would be nice but if not, this is always a good time for pie!


Moon trine Mars, 2:39 AM: Another early morning aspect that should help to bring some activity to your dream night!


Moon square Pluto, 7:27 AM: We are up early this morning with an agenda. This aspect along with Mercury retrograde, is a great time to be cleaning out the garage, your store room, and the pantry. A morning walk would also be good with this Aries energy.


Moon opposes Jupiter, 9:48 AM: By mid-morning, we are feeling more upbeat and ready to interact with the world. This could be a great time to get to the beach or lake house if you want to disconnect from your routines. Otherwise, this can help improve your attitude about whatever you are doing!


Moon trine Sun, 12:27 PM: This is a positive aspect that enhances whatever we are doing. People are more open and receptive. This will even make work better!


Moon trine Saturn, 2:26 PM: We have plenty of energy in the afternoon to complete our task. We are looking at ways to make better use of what we have. This is a good energy for the weekend warrior!


Mercury goes Stationary Retrograde at 8:01 PM: With Mercury retrograde, it is always a good time to finish projects you have been avoiding, general cleaning and organizing of your home and office, reconnecting with your existing client base, getting back on your exercise and health programs, or just taking the time to reflect on what you have been doing. This part of the retrograde is very strong and could easily cause some delays or cancelations of our plans. Keep very flexible during this early part of the Mercury retrograde. After the 17th, the energy will move along a little easier and that will be better for us. Mercury will be direct after September 9th. And with Mercury retrograde, it is never a good time to purchase an electronic device, buy a car, sign a document, or start anything new! Save that activity for after September 9th.


All times are central.

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Friday, August 11th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Friday, August 11th, the Moon begins the day in Pisces, void-of-course but soon Luna enters Aries at 12:22 AM and is no longer void.


We have no lunar aspect through the day. Even though the Moon is not void, we are being directed by our emotional intelligence today.  The Moon in Aries will direct us to act in our own best interest. With Mercury going Stationary Retrograde, our crazy weekend continues through Sunday. Saturday is a much busier day. Flexibility is the key.


All times are central.

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Thursday, August 10th Daily #Astrology Forecast form Lilly Roddy Show

Thursday, August 10th, The Moon is in Pisces as the day begins, goes void-of-course at 8:38 AM and remains void through the entire day. The Moon does enter Aries at 12:22 AM on Friday morning. On Friday, there are no lunar aspects. That will make it feel like the Moon is void. And lest we forget, Mercury will be Stationary Retrograde on Saturday. There are plenty of aspect on Saturday, which may be the first time we feel grounded for the next couple of days. Being flexible about your expectations over the next couple of days may keep you from having too much stress.


Moon sextile Pluto, 1:22 AM: If you are up late, you can get a lot done. We will do a lot of processing in our dreams tonight.


Mercury sextile Venus, 4:03 AM: This is a very positive aspect that helps us to communicate clearly about our needs and desires. In relationships, we can enjoy our partner’s company even more! With this aspect strong for the next couple of days, this is a good time to reconnect with people from your past, your existing client base, or take to care of some financial processes. The influence of Mercury retrograde will be strong here.


Moon square Saturn, 8:38 AM: This is always a good aspect to sleep through. If you are up, we are feeling a bit down and over thinking the negative potentials. Keep your agenda clear and don’t get lost in the small stuff. Let a smile be your umbrella!


The Moon at 8:38 AM is now void-of-course in Pisces until Friday morning at 12:22 AM when Luna enters Aries, the warrior. There are other planetary aspects in the sky so that should keep us busy and focused.


Sun sextile Jupiter, 4:24 PM: With this planetary pair interacting over the last week, we have begun to see some clarity and hope for the future. We all want to see and understand the bigger pictures in our lives. We want to appreciate the connections and comprehend our roles in that process. Normally, this planetary combination is very good for teaching, writing, promotions, marketing, and working with social media. With Mercury retrograding, you may want to work with existing client and data bases to bring in more business instead of looking for new markets. On a personal level, we are feeling somewhat lighter. This might be a good time to get away to a favorite location and gain some perspective. In our day to day world, this helps to give life more meaning.


All times are central.

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Wednesday, August 9th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Wednesday, August 9th, the Moon sails through Pisces, the ruler of Sea Monkeys, all day.


Moon trine Venus, 12:45 PM: We are getting along better with others today during this time. These are ideal times for marketing, sales or personal promotion.


Moon opposes Mercury, 1:51 PM: We are thinking and talking about the past this afternoon. We are feeling creative as well this afternoon. This is a good time for blogging or organizing files on your computer.


Moon conjunct Neptune, 6:14 PM: We will all want to be in a safe and quiet place this evening. Our psychic senses are turned up this evening. This is always good for meditation, tai chi, yoga, or a good glass of wine.


All times are central.

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